During your search for your children’s air purifier, there are several factors to consider. A children’s air purifier will differ from other units, as people often place the unit in a nursery, or even in a child’s classroom. Get started with our children’s air purifier buying advice, and learn why size, square footage, and noise level matter.

Three Things to Consider

1) Size

We always recommend beginning with the bedroom when cleaning your indoor air. A children’s air purifier will likely need to be more compact than a unit placed in a living room, as children’s rooms and nurseries are typically smaller spaces. If the footprint of your children’s air purifier is important, consider the size of the unit in conjunction with the square footage of the bedroom in your search.

2) Square Footage

The square footage of your child’s bedroom is an important factor when purchasing a children’s air purifier. The effectiveness of your children’s air purifier will depend on investing in the right children’s air purifier for the space. If your children’s air purifier is designed to cover a square footage area smaller than the space you are treating, it will not perform optimally. In other words, be sure that your children’s air purifier is designed to cover the appropriate square footage required.

3) Noise Level

Whether placing your children’s air purifier in a nursery, bedroom, or classroom, you may want to consider the noise level of the unit. Any children’s air purifier will emit sound ranging from pink noise to white noise, which many find soothing. However, if your child is sensitive to noise, consider a children’s air purifier that operates at a lower decibel.

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