(Last Updated On: June 1, 2021)

Our mission is to provide expert air purifier reviews and ratings to empower consumers in their search for air purifiers. We are dedicated to testing and rating air purifiers to provide recommendations consumers can trust. Our standard for air purifier reviews has been established by our research team, individuals with strong engineering backgrounds, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of air purifiers. With nearly two decades of experience, our commitment to expertise makes us the trusted source for air purifier reviews.

We present air purifier reviews and guides to help consumers better understand the air purification technology of air purifiers, and helping them to make better informed decisions. We offer air purifier reviews by model, as well as profiles of popular brands, and technology. Use our site to compare products, read reviews, learn about technologies, and discover the best brands. We provide air purifiers from top- rated brands, such as Alen, AllerAir, and Austin Air. We recommend air purifiers that feature HEPA filters and HEPA-style filtration. In addition to filtration efficiency, all of our recommended air purifiers also carry a warranty. We also reject air purifier products with misleading claims or ineffective technologies.