(Last Updated On: March 27, 2023)

Air Purifier Alen A350

(see BreatheSmart FIT50)

Location Boston, Massachusetts

Kim, a hairstylist, and her 13-year-old son, Jamie, suffered from debilitating allergy symptoms, including allergy-induced asthma, congestion and a regular cough.

After seeing numerous doctors, pediatricians, asthma specialists and using other air purifiers, Kim and Jamie experienced little to no relief. Recently Kim placed an Alen A350 Air Purifier in her salon and felt relief within hours. “This is the best thing I have ever used; other air purifiers haven’t given me results like this!” says Kim.

Now Kim has placed an A350 Air Purifier in Jamie’s bedroom, running it continuously. Since sleeping with the air purifier, Jamie has seen significant improvement in his symptoms, including allergy-induced asthma and regular cough. Kim and Jamie both continue to experience relief from allergy symptoms and are now looking to purchase another A350 Air Purifier.

“We are so grateful for the A350 — It has changed our lives!”


Make your own success story by picking the air purifier for asthma that’s right for you.

While the A350 was an amazing air purifier that helped tens of thousands of allergy suffers, it has been replaced by the smarter, quieter, higher performance BreatheSmart FIT50