(Last Updated On: March 27, 2023)

Air Purifiers for Pet Dander & Pollen Allergies

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Electronic air purifiers can be efficient and effective for reducing pet dander and pollen. HEPA air filter technology is proven to be 99% effective in the way that HEPA air purifiers can clean air. When the two types of technology are combined, Electronic and HEPA, the effectiveness of the air purifier is remarkable.

Blueair’s 203 air purifier has combined both technologies to achieve an effective and efficient method to keep indoor air clean. The air purifier hybrid technology is one of the most technologically-advanced in the air cleaners industry today, guaranteeing your indoor air will be clean and fresh. The airflow rate and efficiency of the air purifier for pet dander, dust and chemicals is only further strengthened by the combination of technologies. The Blueair 203 air purifier for allergies is the perfect air cleaner for a small space that needs to be cleaned of odors and chemicals.

Raymond Samuels of Bayside, California has first-hand experience with the effectiveness and convenience of Blueair’s 203 air purifier for chemicals, dust and pollen. Mr. Samuels is a stay-at-home dad who now spends most of his time indoors with Blueair 203 air purifiers. Since he breathes mostly indoor air, he knows it is important that the air is free of allergens and particles so the right home air purifiers are important to him.

Before discovering air purifiers, Mr. Samuels was prone to a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. Mr. Samuels was not only battling allergic reactions to his family pets’ dander, pollen, and dust bunnies, but all the odors and chemicals he was exposed to on a daily basis annoyed him. When Mr. Samuels cleaned his bathrooms with a bleach-based product, he experienced watery eyes and a scratchy throat something he discovered could be helped by running air purifiers for chemicals. He also developed headaches from inhaling chemical fumes in the small bathroom while cleaning. Mr. Samuels was tired of doing laundry in the confined space of the laundry room, smelling dirty socks and clothes while he sorted laundry into the washer. When cooking dinner for his family in the kitchen, the cooking odors of burning oils and sliced onions were a nuisance – and he learned that air purifiers can handle smells, too, thanks to activated charcoal.

Mr. Samuels finally got so frustrated with his allergic reactions, daily household odors, and chemical fumes that he began shopping around for HEPA air purifiers as a solution to his indoor air problem. He decided to purchase Blueair’s 203 air purifier model for its efficiency and size. The 203 is different from other air purifiers in part due to its hybrid technology. The HEPA filter featured in the air purifier for allergies and asthma differs from a regular HEPA filter insofar as the 203’s HEPA filter has larger holes in order to increase airflow efficiency. The larger holes in the HEPA filter also help reduce any noise associated with an air purifier. There are also electronic brushes in Blueair’s 203 model that aid the air purifier. The brushes charge particles in the air before they pass through the air purifier filter; the charge then attracts particles to the HEPA filter, cleaning the indoor air. Mr. Samuels finds that the 203 air purifier for pet dander to dust and chemicals is able to efficiently eliminate odors, fumes, particles, and allergens from his indoor air.

The air purifier 203 model is relatively small in size, weighing only 25 pounds. Mr. Samuels is able to move the Model 203 air purifier in and out of various rooms. He runs the HEPA air purifier in the kitchen while he cooks, in the bathroom while he cleans, and in the laundry room while he sorts laundry. By investing in the Blueair 203 air purifier for his home, he no longer experiences the allergic reactions to pet dander and dust that he previously suffered. This air purifier really works for pollen, dust, chemicals and other irritants.

Thanks to the Blueair 203 air purifier, Mr. Samuel’s days spent inside his home are easier, and the air is fresher. The efficiency and convenience of the small HEPA air purifier make the unit a perfect fit for many people. Blueair’s 203 air purifiers are lightweight but very powerful, and the air purifiers for allergies, asthma and beyond can be applied to numerous situations as a clean air solution.