(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

How Effective Are Air Purifiers for Asthma? 

Find Out How Air Purifiers Alleviate Asthma Symptoms

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By Jaimie Hart

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Asthma is nothing to take lightly when 1 in 13 people suffer from this disease. You may experience inflamed airways and obstructed airflow, causing painful and difficult breathing. Air purifiers help with this condition by eliminating products in the air that trigger asthma, and finding the best air purifier for asthma may be your saving grace.

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Common Asthma Triggers

Environmental asthma triggers exist outside and inside of your home. These annoying and often dangerous causes of an asthma attack or symptoms include:

  • Dust
  • Gasses and odors
  • Toxic and irritating chemicals
  • Pet dander
  • Mold
  • Smoke

All of these triggers may be harmful if you have asthma, and it’s crucial to remove them from your home. Air purifiers are becoming a popular solution for asthma suffers because they do just that. 

How Does An Air Purifier Help With Asthma?

An asthma attack occurs when the lungs become inflamed or clogged, so it’s crucial to eliminate the culprit of these attacks. People with asthma often deal with frightening symptoms, including dizziness, wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughing. Pollen, dust, and chemicals are the main triggers of allergy symptoms, and an air purifier works to reduce these harmful air particles. 

With many asthma triggers existing indoors, it’s important to place an air purifier in your home where you spend a ton of your time. A HEPA air filter works to purify the air and cleans your living space from allergens and the many air particles that cause asthma attacks. By getting rid of the main sources of asthma symptoms in your home, an air purifier will significantly reduce the number of asthma attacks you suffer from.

The best part of an increasing number of people using air purifiers to alleviate asthma is the validation of quality products you can now find. You can find many asthma and allergy certified air purifiers on the market that target asthma triggers. These asthma air purifiers ensure a cleaner home that’s free of unhealthy air particles. 

Finding the Best Air Purifier for Asthma

With an increasing number of air purifiers for asthma available, how can you pick the right one? A quality air purifier will start by trapping asthma triggers efficiently and sanitizing the air around you. Many air purifiers for asthma are specifically good at reducing allergens related to smoke and chemicals.

You should also look for an air purifier with a high airflow rate and can capture allergen particles of all sizes. The right product for your unique needs will fit comfortably into your home, and you may want a modern or sleek design that’s less intrusive. 

The best air purifier for asthma will include the highest quality HEPA air filter, a large coverage area, a lifetime warranty, and comprehensive purifying features. We found the leading air purifiers to help eliminate your asthma symptoms successfully:

Best Air Purifiers for Asthma in a Bedroom

Even though you may rarely suffer from life-threatening asthma attacks, you still can live a much healthier life by running a bedroom air purifier to help reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. 

Alen BreatheSmart
45i with Carbon
Air Purifier

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Rabbit Air
BioGS 2.0
Air Purifier

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Austin Air
Bedroom Machine
Air Purifier

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Plasmacluster Ion
Air Purifier

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Coway AirMega
Air Purifier

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Best Air Purifiers for Asthma in the Living Room

People with serious asthma need the highest quality air purifier that is guaranteed to eliminate harmful air particles for good. It is important when choosing a living room air purifier for asthma that you select one that covers a larger space, or else the unit will not be as effective.

Alen Breathesmart
75i with Carbon
Air Purifier

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HealthPro Plus
Air Purifier

$899 Buy Now
Austin Air
Healthmate Plus
Air Purifier

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Classic 605
Air Purifier

$495 Buy Now
AirMega 400
Air Purifier

$450 Buy Now

Purify Your Home and Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Asthma suffers are turning to air purifiers for a good reason. These air purifiers target the chemicals and allergens that cause asthma attacks, trap them, and eliminate them. The better you can remove the particulate matter and chemicals that act as asthma triggers, the less frequently you will have asthma attacks.

You can find an air purifier that fits your budget and reduces the asthma symptoms you struggle with. A certified HEPA filter and activated carbon work together to create a healthy home, and compact designs and autonomous features give you effective solutions. Customers overwhelmingly agree that air purifiers for asthma eliminate the triggers that exist in your home, leading to a better quality of life.

Ready to explore more asthma air purifiers and find one that’s right for you? Check out the best home air purifiers for asthma relief and learn more at AirPurifiers.com.

Summary Checklist

  • Find a long-lasting filter and air purifier for asthma
  • Look for certified HEPA filters
  • Check for a limited warranty or at least a 5-year warranty
  • Make sure that an air purifier includes activated carbon for serious chemical and asthma issues
  • Find the product’s dimensions to make sure it fits in your living space
  • Look for an air purifier that weighs 30 pounds or less if you plan on transporting or maneuvering it often