(Last Updated On: April 27, 2023)

3 Reasons Eliminating Irritants May Cut Down on Medication

5 min read

Year after year, people spend billions of dollars to medicate their bodies, including their inflamed airways caused by irritants in the air. Complement your physician’s treatment plan by eliminating the irritants in your home with air purifiers for allergies and other irritants.

Here are three reasons to use an air purifier as a supplement to allergy medications:

  1. Air purifiers can make allergy symptoms manageable in frequently used areas of your home. Various histamine inhibitors and vaso-constrictors are marketed to improve symptoms that could just as easily be prevented by eliminating the source of the inflammation with HEPA air purifiers. Sometimes the environment cannot be sufficiently cleaned, as in the case of seasonal allergies from outdoor pollens, but with the best bedroom and living room air purifiers can keep the most used rooms clean by reducing the irritants.
  2. Using air purifiers is economical. Allergy medicine can be expensive, and the need for it is typically ongoing. From a purely economic standpoint, it is good sense to invest in an air purifier system that removes irritants from the air rather than continue medicating the body, unless it is truly necessary.
  3. Air purifiers are better for your body. All medications have side effects. Using medications on an ongoing basis to treat respiratory problems can lead to the need for additional medications to treat the side effects. Air purifiers for allergies and other irritants don’t have side effects and can have additional wellness benefits for the entire family.

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