Author: Nick Howard

5 Best Bedroom Air Purifiers to Prevent Coronavirus During Flu Season

Is coronavirus worse than the flu? The short answer is yes, with COVID-19 proving to be much deadlier and contagious. The symptoms are proven to be more impactful during flu season, and the threat of being exposed to the coronavirus is higher while you’re spending more time indoors during the winter. In addition to preventing and contracting COVID, we should also be mindful of the flu, making it even more essential to take care of ourselves and our families.

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Do Air Quality Monitors Work? 5 Tips to Find the Right One

Air Purifiers have become so popular recently because of all the studies done on the toxic levels in our air at home. Even though there is an increased popularity in air purifiers, many people forget to look at the problem first hand. Air quality monitors are new gadgets that allow the person using them to measure the quality of air inside their homes. The need for this is necessary now that wildfires are raging and the general quality of the air we breathe every day has gone down drastically.

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Top 5 HEPA Filter Air Purifiers for Your Nursery

Just being a parent is hard enough. When you are raising an infant, there are endless things that you must account for to ensure your child is happy and healthy. Rightfully so, most mothers focus on apparent needs such as food and sleep in caring for their children. However, we are also beginning to understand the importance of clean air for infant health.

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