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Firefighters cleaning up chemical spill by train car Restoring Air Quality in Your Home After a Local Disaster After a chemical spill you may be concerned about the air quality in your home. We take a look at the hazards and how an air purifier and an air… Read More

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7 Best Bedroom Air Purifiers for 2022 Our team of expert reviewers have selected the 7 best bedroom air purifiers for 2022. Out of hundreds or air purifiers, we look at cost, efficiency, sound, power, and more. Read More


Dust in Living Room How to Get Rid of Dust in the Home No matter how clean you think your living room is, chances are it’s still a bit dusty. Please don’t fret; this is something that we all deal with. The average… Read More


selling a home Selling Your Home? An Air Purifier Can Help If you're selling your home, you may want to consider an air purifier. You may be immune to the smells in your home, but a prospective buyer will definitely smell… Read More


Secondhand Smoke Secondhand Smoke An air purifier with carbon activated filters will help remove the chemicals and gases in the air caused by secondhand smoke. Read More


Air Quality Monitor sitting on Air Purifier Vent How to Test Your Home’s Air Quality There are many reason to invest in monitoring the air quality in your, but where do you start? I this guide we dive right into what are the sources of… Read More


nice kitchen 5 Best Kitchen Air Purifiers to Make Your House Smell Good Kitchen odors can be challenging to eliminate. Whether it’s the delicious scent of last night’s dinner or the garbage, garbage disposal smells, or the dishwasher smell, these odors can become… Read More


bathroom Top 5 Small Air Purifiers for Your Bathroom An air purifier is an excellent solution to not only eliminate mold but also remove germs, bacteria, odors, and other allergens from your bathroom. Read More

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small room air purifier 5 Best Small Room Air Purifiers Under $200 When deciding on the right small room air purifier for your needs, you may find that many top-rated units typically have higher price tags. Although many of these units are… Read More


Air Purifier in Garage 5 Best Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Air Purifiers for Your Garage Chances are, you have never heard of a volatile organic compound (VOC). Volatile organic compounds are all around us at every moment. However, we might not be aware of them… Read More

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Best Living Room Air Purifiers 8 Best Air Purifiers for Living Rooms in 2022 team of experts has reviewed the 8 best living room air purifiers in 2022. Out of several hundred reviewed, these eight rise to the top in quality and efficiency. Read More

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