Air Purifiers & Air Filters to Keep Kids Healthy

Air Purifiers for Children, Home Air Purifiers for Asthma & Air Filters for Allergiers

The right air purifiers can make all the difference in the health of your kids. The best air purifiers for children, like for adults, will not only help with respiratory issues like allergies but also with getting better sleep. The best air purifiers for a child’s room helps them breathe better as they play or sleep – and the humming “pink” sound will also help them sleep better. Read our articles about air purifiers for mold and dust to asthma and allergies so you know how to find the right ones.

The best air purifiers for a child’s room have HEPA filters which must clear at least 98% of pollutants from the air. The best HEPA air purifiers for health kids can clear even closer to 100% of irritants from the air. You can also find air purifiers with microbial technology and ones that also clear out odors. As you browse the air filters purifiers, make sure they have the coverage you want, from 200 square feet for a bedroom to 800 or more feet for large rooms.

Add air purifiers for healthy kids who can breathe easier. Look for air purifiers that have HEPA filters that can clear almost 100% of airborne particulates and charcoal filters that help cut down on odors and chemicals.

10 Tips to Help Keep Kids Healthy

For the past year, people have become more focused on their health and wellness than ever before. Quarantine and the rise of the Coronavirus pandemic saw an onslaught of health-conscious improvements that people started making right from their homes. Many people have spent the last year attempting to create a healthy lifestyle that they can stick to, even after the coronavirus stops keeping them at home.

The pandemic also called to attention the many ways people have become lazy about maintaining healthy lifestyles. We became more aware of just how dirty our homes and lifestyles were and how they would soon have become detrimental to our family’s health and wellbeing. Mental health and physical health have become common topics today, and everyone is hoping to find the secret to how to live a healthy lifestyle.

One way to create a healthy lifestyle is to make your home a healthy and safe place to be. With much time spent at home during quarantine and people restructuring their lives, as a result, homes have become even more of a safe place for people around the world. Health and safety measures are now required almost everywhere you go in public, but what happens when you come home and bring in things from the outside world that might make you unhealthy or harm you or your family?

One way to make sure that the pollution and germs in the air do not come into your home is to invest in an air purifier. While people are out buying Lysol wipes and constantly stocking up on Germ-X, these products help what they can touch. The air is everywhere, and the air quality affects everyone who breathes in polluted air. We have learned the importance of clean air the hard way this year, as we wear masks everywhere we go.

What do Air purifiers do, and What are Some Health and Wellness Benefits of Using Them?

1. Air Purifiers Reduce Allergies – This time of year, everyone starts to remember just how bad their allergies get, and the Kleenex makes a regular appearance again. Air purifiers can help to reduce your allergic reactions. If you have an air purifier in your home, it can cleanse the air from any pollen, pet dander, dust, or anything else you might have an allergic reaction to. This will help alleviate your allergies and lessen the impurities that are in the air.

2. Air Purifiers can Alleviate Odors – While you may welcome some smells in your house, like your fresh baked cookies or the sweet scent of spring on the breeze, you might want to get rid of other odors. Sometimes smells from a pet or dirty laundry can get everywhere, and you cannot seem to shake the smell. Many air purifiers fight the odors and allergens that creep into and all-around your home. This added health benefit also makes sickness such as asthma or other breathing problems triggered by low-quality air with odors and allergens around not come up as frequently and aids you and your family’s health and wellness.

3. Air Purifiers Help Eliminate Airborne Diseases – Air purifiers are made with a filter in them that filters out pollutants or contaminants. This air purifier feature is most helpful when there is no accessibility to additional ventilation of outdoor air, such as no windows, or if the air quality outside is poor. Many air purifiers have features built into them that allow for particles as small as .01 um to be removed and cleaned from the air.

4. Air Purifiers Improve Sleep – So many people cannot go to bed without white noise to calm them down. While most air purifiers you find are discreet and not noticeable, they provide a slight ocean-like noise that allows for the perfect soundtrack to help you go to sleep. Air purifiers emit pink noise, which is much like white noise, but slightly less intense. Pink noise has higher frequencies, so your ears can become used to the sound, and it becomes even less like background noise and almost unheard at times.

5. Air Purifiers can Kill Germs – In today’s world, we need as many germ killers as possible. While most air purifiers work to eliminate the toxic nature of the air or any pollutants that might come into your home, some air purifiers have ultraviolet light, allowing them to collect and kill the microorganisms even faster and more effectively. While the regular air purifiers are already helping you keep you and your family safe, these ultraviolet light purifiers go the extra mile to kill germs instead of simply filtering them out.

6. Air Purifiers Reduce Stress – Not only is the lovely white noise great for sleep, but the noise is also excellent if you are stressed out or your thoughts get too loud. Air purifiers also alleviate stress because they get rid of the toxins throughout the air and cause your stress levels to increase. If you live with a lot of air pollution around you, your stress levels are most likely higher than if you lived in a clean air home. Knowing that you are taking preventative measures to make your home environment safe and healthy also helps lessen your tension and stress.

7. Air Purifiers Protect You From Mold – While sometimes mold is unavoidable, the danger that can result from decay is not. If you invest in air purifiers, they will work to absorb the mold spores and kill them. The air that is purified and filtered will also help you not react to mold if it is already in your house or the place you live. If humidity is a problem in your home, you might have an increased chance of encountering mold or mold growing soon. Getting an air purifier will decrease those chances dramatically.

8. Air Purifiers Relieve Symptoms of Asthma – Due to all the elements air purifiers eliminate from homes that can trigger asthma attacks, air purifiers are some of the best tools for getting rid of or relieving asthma symptoms. Not only do air purifiers take the asthma triggers out of the air you are breathing, but they also sanitize the air. This means that you are only breathing in clean air particles, and you rid your air of any pollutants.

9. Air Purifiers Reduce Harmful Chemicals from Indoor Environments – Many air purifiers come with activated carbon in them. This activated carbon comes from charcoal that has been ‘activated’ by getting heated up. The heating process dries out the carbon and fills in with cracks. In these cracks, gasses and chemicals get trapped when they come into contact with the carbon.

10. Air Purifiers Increase Life Expectancy – With all the wellness and health benefits that air purifiers add to your life, this is a general summary of what they do. Air purifiers make your life easier to live by reducing the negative things and elements that can come into your house and keeping you safe and healthy. You can start to rest easy knowing that your air purifier is taking care of you, and you will soon be breathing fresh and clean air, rid of all the toxins and pollutants around you.

Air purifiers have so many health and wellness benefits that so few people are aware of at all. Having an air purifier is almost crucial to having a healthy and safe home and vital to keeping a healthy lifestyle in today’s world.


With air purifiers for healthy kids, everyone can rest easier.

Air purifiers are essential for healthy kids – and adults. Having the right air purifiers for children and adults in your home will make all the difference. You’ll find in our articles why the best air purifiers for a child’s room and the rest of your home can do more than create fresh air. The air filters can help with everything from pet allergies and mold to dust and mold pollutants that are airborne.

Having the right air purifiers for healthy kids starts with finding HEPA air purifiers. These air purifiers are the best for children (and adults) because they can clear at minimum 98% of airborne pollutants. Many of the best air purifiers for your child’s room and other rooms in your home can even get closer to 100% effectiveness. You’ll find the HEPA air filters will help with pet dander, mold spores, dust and other particulates that float in the air.

The air purifiers for pet allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues are just the start of how to keep pollutants at bay. The air purifiers for children will clear airborne particles, while regular cleaning will get at pollutants that never make it off bedding or furniture. In addition to the best air purifiers for your child’s room and elsewhere in the house, invest in a vacuum with a HEPA filter to regularly use on carpets and furniture. Also wash bedding weekly in hot water in addition to making sure you have air purifiers for pet allergies to asthma.

Air purifiers for kids and adults also have effects you may not be aware of. Having air purifiers in your or your child’s room can actually promote better sleep because you can breathe better and the “pink” noise the purifier makes is much like “white” noise and lulls you to sleep. The sound of these best air purifiers can also help reduce stress, and if you’re breathing better and deeper, you’ll also be calmer. So whether you want air purifiers for dust, allergies or something else, you’ll find the HEPA air purifiers make a difference in the overall health of your kids and you.

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