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Because not all air purifiers are considered equal, advice from our expert panel can be very helpful in finding a unit that will best meet your needs. When comparing air purifiers for allergies, you’ll want to consider the type of air purifier technologies. The best air purifiers include high efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) air purifiers. Experts typically recommend HEPA air purifiers for viruses, mold, dust, dander and many other irritants because they are the most effective at cleaning the air.

When you are looking for air purifiers advice, you can be sure our expert panel will only consider units that meet specific safety and performance standards. Air purifiers for allergies or any other health condition will be recommended based on merit and performance, and never on financial compensation. We’re passionate about the best air purifiers, so we rate hundreds of brands and models for consumers. Find air purifiers for viruses, allergies, smoke and many other conditions with ratings ranging from “poor” to “excellent.”

Air purifiers advice is available for many types of units, so that we can help you find the perfect solution for your health and wellness goals. Different criteria considered for air purifiers for allergies include overall product function, filtration efficiency, types of filters used, airflow and coverage area.


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Trustworthy air purifiers advice is provided by our expert team of manufacturing, engineering and health professionals.

We know that air purifiers' advice must be trusted by consumers on the hunt for the best home air purifiers. That’s why reviewing air purifiers for allergies and other health conditions is of the utmost importance. Rating and recommending the best air purifiers information is taken seriously, and we put units through rigorous and long-term performance testing. Count on the air purifiers for viruses, bacteria, allergies and more that we recommend on our site.

To get trustworthy air purifiers advice, check out our original articles, product reviews and buying guides. They’ll help you select air purifiers for allergies and other health concerns in less time. Our experts say the best air purifiers use HEPA filters that catch and trap over 99% of the harmful particulates in your space. These high-performance air purifiers for viruses, bacteria and other allergens will also recirculate cleaner, healthier air back into your home.
Products 1 - 12 of 15