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HEPA Air Purifiers For Mold, HEPA Filters & Mold Air Purifiers

Check out articles on air purifiers for mold and get recommendations on what units will best treat your health conditions. HEPA air purifiers aside, our experts will also explain what mold is, how it grows and other ways to keep it at bay. Start by running air purifiers for mold and mildew regularly, so spores are trapped in a sterile and dry environment where they can’t multiply. In addition to using home air purifiers, reduce moisture in your living spaces and bedrooms, maintain low humidity and ventilate your home properly.

If you’re using an air purifier for mold already, set aside 30 minutes to follow our checklist for mold reduction and prevention. HEPA air purifiers don’t automatically eliminate the very noticeable odor caused by mold, so check each room for the smell of mold. Use air purifiers for mold and mildew strategically in rooms where your family members spend the most time. Replace filters in home air purifiers as often as recommended to ensure they are working effectively.

Air purifiers for mold won’t eliminate the need for regular cleaning. But true-HEPA air purifiers will significantly reduce the amount of dust, dirt, dander and mold that is allowed to settle into hard surfaces, carpets and upholstery.

Air Purifiers for Mold: Protect Your Home


Count on air purifiers for mold with silver ion filter technology to provide added protection against mold spores and bacteria.

To educate consumers about air purifiers for mold, we’ve assembled a panel of experts in manufacturing and engineering as well as health professionals. Our experts only consider HEPA air purifiers because they meet U.S. Department of Energy Standards for the effective removal of particles 0.3 microns or larger. They’ve put hundreds of air purifiers for mold and mildew through rigorous testing to ensure consumers are finding the right unit for the job. Review our home air purifier reviews and buying guides to make more informed buying decisions.

With air purifiers for mold, protect your family from the sometimes-serious symptoms caused by mold. HEPA air purifiers are the most effective at catching and trapping particles like mold that can otherwise cause asthma, allergic reactions, depression and potentially permanent damage to the lungs. Air purifiers for mold and mildew will improve the air quality that is often worse inside our homes than it is outside. In fact, home air purifiers can offer protection for the many Americans who spend upwards of 99% of their time in enclosed buildings with poor air quality.

In addition to using air purifiers for mold, it’s important to eliminate mold-growing conditions in your home. True-HEPA air purifiers can remove mold spores that are typically around 0.3 microns in size but keeping living and sleeping areas free from moisture will also help. It’s important to run air purifiers for mold and mildew-prone areas constantly, but at the very least when you or your family members are in the room. Home air purifiers can help mitigate or even eliminate mold and mildew altogether and will improve your overall indoor air quality.

The best types of air purifiers for mold have HEPA filters that can capture more than 99% of tiny particles as well as larger ones. HEPA air purifiers are extremely effective at trapping mold spores because they are between 1 and 20 microns. Air purifiers for mold and mildew should enlist silver ion threads that are woven into the HEPA material to protect the filters from harmful bacteria and mold growth. With the best home air purifiers, rid your home of fungi that causes serious health symptoms.