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Running top rated air purifiers for viruses and bacteria is important, and so is keeping up with your physical health. In our HEPA air filter reviews, we not only recommend HEPA air purifiers for the cleanest air, but we also remind you to get vital screenings such as blood pressure checks. The best air purifiers that kill bacteria and viruses can reduce your chances of contracting the flu and other illnesses, while keeping up to date on your vaccinations is smart, too. Run small or large room air purifiers, and don’t forget about selfcare.

Having top rated air purifiers for viruses and bacteria can help improve your overall health and quality of life. Look over our best HEPA air filter reviews to learn why keeping your teeth and gums in good shape helps accomplish that goal, too. Choose the best air purifiers that kill bacteria and viruses, and be sure to brush and floss daily and get regular dental checkups. By and large, air purifiers lead to better breathing and better sleep, and dental care can help prevent gum disease that increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Top rated air purifiers for viruses and bacteria help address health concerns like sleep deprivation, respiratory issues and a weakened immune system. In our HEPA air filter reviews, we explain how the best air purifiers kill bacteria and viruses – and help improve your health and wellbeing.

Top 5 Air Purifiers for Senior Citizen Housing to Eliminate Bacteria and Viruses

By Bianca Herron

Today, indoor air quality is more important than ever — especially for senior citizens who already have a compromised immune system. If you or a family member lives in senior citizen housing, it’s essential to breathing healthy, clean air.

Fortunately, the design of air purifiers is to clean and purify indoor air, protecting against respiratory issues by eliminating airborne pollutants such as bacteria and viruses. Additionally, you are more vulnerable to catching a common cold or flu if you already have a lifelong allergy to pollen and other airborne allergens.

Air purifiers with an H13 HEPA filter or higher expertly remove the flu and COVID viruses, spread through the air with similar airborne particle and droplet sizes. These highly efficient filters can also help remove pollen, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, and more allergens. An air purifier that also has activated carbon offers protection against allergies triggered by smoke, such as tobacco, odors, chemicals, and gases is also beneficial.

On the market today, you can find air purifiers in many styles and sizes. You’ll even find various technology and smart features depending on the brand. When choosing an air purifier, it would be best to select a unit with an H13 HEPA filter.

These filters eliminate 99.97 percent of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger. It would also benefit you to choose an air purifier that comes with an activated carbon filter. An activated carbon filter uses tiny pores between carbon atoms to capture and trap harmful particles that pass through.

Ultimately, no matter the unit you choose, having an air purifier in your senior citizen apartment will not only help you breathe healthier, cleaner air but also improve your quality of sleep.


Top rated air purifiers for viruses and bacteria should feature a HEPA filter and also a display panel soothing to the eyes, as you’ll read in our HEPA air filter reviews.

In addition to running top rated air purifiers for viruses and bacteria, you should take other steps to improve your family’s well being. In our HEPA air filter reviews, we recommend using HEPA air purifiers, and we also suggest sticking to a proper diet. The best air purifiers that kill bacteria and viruses help you breathe cleaner air, while eating well can decrease the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis. Find small or large room air purifiers depending on your space so you breathe easier as you prepare foods rich in fiber-rich, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Top rated air purifiers for viruses and bacteria help you and your family feel better, as does a regular exercise regimen. Look through our HEPA air filter reviews for help finding the right unit, and browse our articles for healthy living tips, like developing a weekly activity schedule. Running the best air purifiers that kill bacteria and viruses helps protect against the flu and other viruses, and exercising helps improve your energy and memory while reducing depression, stress and the risk of serious health issues. Find the best large room air purifiers for big rooms or smaller units for small spaces, and stay as physically active as possible.