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Have the right air purifiers for spring allergies – and then make sure you are doing other things to help eliminate allergens, dust and other particulates collecting around your home and airborne. The best air purifiers for spring allergies and other seasons will help ease your breathing. In addition to the best air purifiers for allergies, you’ll want to keep your home clean because many particulates never make it into the air. For the best air filter purifiers for spring and other seasonal allergies, make sure you choose HEPA filters that must clear out at minimum 98% of pollutants from the air.

Needing air purifiers for spring allergies isn’t a sign your home is dirty. You can clean and clean, and still have allergens floating in your air – carried in when someone returns home or your dog flops around after a walk so the best air purifiers for spring allergies help clear out the airborne particulates. The best air purifiers for allergies have HEPA filters that have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values (MERV) rating, and the filters are better at eliminating particles with a higher rating. These best air filter for spring allergies also must eliminate at minimum 98% of airborne particles, although many eliminate closer to 100%.

In addition to air purifiers for spring allergies, there are smart cleaning tips. Instead of using any vacuum to clean carpet and furniture, use one with a HEPA filter for even more effective cleaning. HVAC HEPA air filters are also a good defense against the allergens that keep your allergies inflamed. And you’ll want to even make sure fido is wiped down after a walk where he could pick up allergens and spread them around your home. These and other tips along with the best purifiers for allergies will help keep allergens low in your home.

As you’re looking at air purifiers for spring allergies, make sure you have every room covered in your home – or at least the ones you spend the most time in. There are the best air purifiers for allergies for 200 square foot rooms. And other best purifiers for allergies cover 800 square feet or more. These best air filter purifiers can cover large rooms or even a while apartment so there’s fewer allergens and less sneezing through the allergy season.

For spring cleaning, make sure you have air purifiers for spring allergies. The best air purifiers for spring allergies will clear out close to 100% of pollutants including dust and allergens that escape your dust rag.

Air Purifier Spring Allergies

Although it certainly does not feel like spring in February, that is a good month to mark your calendar to start thinking and preparing for spring allergy season. Steps taken early on can make the difference between sneezing your way through spring and enjoying your way through it. Using an air purifier for spring allergies is the best way to get ready for the onslaught of pollen.

Spring Cleaning

If you have filters on your central heating and air conditioning system, these must also be considered. Although, in modern society, the concept of spring cleaning may be fading away, some people still do it, and it is a time when your air purifier may be put to good use.

In preparation for spring allergy season, check your calendar or notes on your air purifier (if it does not have a monitor which tells you when the filters should be changed) to determine whether cleaning is in order, a pre-filter should be ordered, or even a HEPA filter.

If you ordered your air purifier from AirPurifiers.com and do not know when it is time to add new filters, feel free to contact us, and we will tell you if your air purifier is due for a filter change. If you have HEPA filters on your central system, check into having those replaced well before the allergy season begins. Remember, using HVAC HEPA filters as your primary source of allergy protection is an insufficient solutions, but combining the power of a HEPA air purifier with a new HVAC HEPA air filter will help you stay away from allergy symptoms.

If you do spring cleaning – shaking out the rugs, cleaning the drapes and upholstery, be sure to run your air purifier on the highest speed for several hours after the cleaning. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter is also a good idea at this time. Be sure you have enough air purifier units to keep the main living areas of your house clean. If you are planning to landscape or update your garden in the spring, consider plantings that limit the amount of pollen in your yard. Male trees produce the pollen, so you might consider just planting female trees, although some trees are both, and it can be difficult to know what to plant. If you do plant trees which produce a lot of pollen, try not to plant them under the window of your child’s bedroom! And be sure your child has an air purifier in his or her room, so after playing in the garden (and bathing to remove the pollens in skin and on hair), the child can sleep well without allergy symptoms.

Tips for the Allergy Sufferer

A HEPA air purifier for allergies will surely do the job, but make sure you take allergy precautions like monitoring the daily pollen count. Plan your outdoor activities on lower pollen count days. After rain is the best time. Typically in the spring, early morning is the time of the highest pollen count. Regardless of how fresh you think hanging your clothes outside to dry makes them, don’t do it during the spring pollen season. If possible, keep your windows closed and your air purifier running 24/7. If you do want to have windows open, you might consider turning your air purifier off for a while, then turning it back on when you’ve closed them and letting the air purifier run on high for an hour or two.


Add air purifiers for spring allergies, and enjoy cleaner air and breathing easier.

With allergies almost year-round, it’s important to have air purifiers that will combat spring and other seasons’ allergies. The best air purifiers for spring allergies and other airborne pollutants start with HEPA filters. These best air purifiers for allergies will complement the rest of your cleaning efforts to keep the sneezing at a minimum. For best air filter purifier tips and other advice about combating spring allergies, check out our many articles. With this help, it’s a snap to find the best air filter purifiers to kick spring allergies to the curb.

Having a clean home is a good first step to sneezing less along with having air purifiers for spring allergies. Run the best air purifiers with HEPA filters as you dust regularly, and clean carpets and furniture with a vacuum cleaner that also has a HEPA filter. HEPA air filters for allergies follow strict standards for true HEPA air purifiers that filter out 98% of pollutants at minimum. Many of the best air purifiers for allergies eliminate almost 100% of airborne particles.

In addition to air purifiers for spring allergies, you’ll also want to make sure anytime you – or Fido – are outdoors, you clean off the allergens you picked up. Wash down your dog after a walk and toss your clothes in the wash – and keep running the best air purifiers to trap any allergens that go airborne to help with your spring or other seasons’ allergies. To have the best coverage, make sure the best purifiers for allergies have enough power to purify the space. Some best air filter purifiers for spring allergies cover a big space of 800 or more square feet, while others will filter only about 200 square feet of space. You can check the air purifier’s Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) to see how much pollutant-free air it can pump out after removing allergens, dust and other particles.

Air purifiers for spring allergies will also support the work your HVAC filter does to trap pollutants. The HVAC air filters you choose should be HEPA filters to rid your air of the most particulates. These best air purifiers for allergies, the HEPA filters, have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values (MERV) rating that is higher when the filter is better at eliminating particles. So when you want help with allergies, the right air purifiers plus other preventative measures will help cut down on sneezing season.

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