Top 5 Small Air Purifiers for Your Bathroom & Air Cleaners For Home Reviews

Best Small Air Purifier For Bathrooms, Hepa Air Filters & Home Air Purifiers

By Bianca Herron

When it comes to air purifiers, you may have thought to place the air cleaner in many rooms in your home. However, have you ever thought of putting it in your bathroom? An air purifier would be perfect for helping eliminate bacteria, germs, odors, and mold. At the same time, mold can grow just about anywhere in your home, though the bathroom is the most common.

For mold to grow, it needs moisture, oxygen, and damp and dimly lit areas — many characteristics of a bathroom. Mold may start as a small spot but can grow and spread quickly in 24 hours under the right conditions. According to Disease Control and Prevention centers, molds release tiny spores that can float in the air.

During these times, indoor air quality is more important than ever, especially if you share a home with someone who is high-risk for contracting COVID-19. These times are even more dangerous if you or your loved one gets exposed to mold at home. Some exposure to moldy environments may trigger common symptoms, including sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and headaches. However, those sensitive to molds can experience severe health effects, including asthma attacks, permanent lung damage, and infections.

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An air purifier is an excellent solution to not only eliminate mold but also remove germs, bacteria, odors, and other allergens from your bathroom. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best bathroom odor eliminator. For instance, it would help if you think about the size of your bathroom and choose an air purifier that comes with a HEPA filter that removes up to 99.7 percent of mold, bacteria, dust, and other allergens.

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