AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 HDS (Double Smoke) Air Purifier

Air Purifiers for Smoke, HEPA Filter Air Purifiers & Best Home Air Purifiers for Smoke

Air purifiers for smoke should include HEPA air filters for wildfire smoke and tobacco smoke. Look for the best home air purifiers that cut down on fine airborne particles, the common and most dangerous smoke components. The top HEPA filter air purifiers have HEPA H-13 filters that can trap the tiniest irritants found in the air. Units with HEPA air filters will give you the peace of mind that you’re taking an important step in protecting your family’s health from the negative effects of smoke.

Choose air purifiers for smoke that have activated carbon filters as well as HEPA filters. HEPA filter air purifiers help eliminate the hazardous particles in smoke, and the addition of carbon helps reduce smoke odors. The best home air purifiers for smoke should have filters with at least two pounds of carbon if you live with a light smoker and at least five pounds of carbon for heavy smoke. Invest in carbon and HEPA air filters for home found in top-rated tobacco smoke air purifiers.

Make sure your air purifiers for smoke are designed to cover the space you have in mind. HEPA filter air purifiers, the best home air purifiers for smoke, are much more effective in a room that’s smaller than their specific square footage capacity.

AllerAir’s AirMedic Pro 5 HDS Air Purifier (previously called 5000 DS Air Purifier) was designed specifically to absorb the harmful chemicals, particles and odors released from cigar, cigarette and wildfire smoke. With its hefty 24 pound, deep-bedded carbon filter, micro-HEPA particle filter and specially made tar trapping prefilter, the AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 HDS Air Purifier has the industrial strength to combat extremely dangerous toxins. This unit is ideal for homes, bars, restaurants and smoking lounges that accumulate smoke odors on drapes, furniture, clothing, walls and other surfaces- long after active smoking has stopped.

Important Features:

  • Unit includes tar-trapping pre-filter and HEPA Filter

  • Removes up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and greater

  • Features special Smoking Blend Carbon (24 lbs.)

  • Available in Black, White, Copper, Pewter, Sandstone, Red, or Silver

  • Includes AllerAir’s 10 Year Warranty

  • Free Shipping
  • The most efficient air purifiers for smoke are HEPA filter air purifiers that capture tar and other air pollutants found in tobacco smoke.

    In addition to running air purifiers for smoke, you should do other things to cut down on your exposure to smoke at home. Run tobacco smoke air purifiers and also find ways to get more fresh air. Choose HEPA filter air purifiers, which are the best home air purifiers for smoke, and inspect your heating and cooling systems. Along with using air filters for wildfire smoke, make use of ceiling fans in your home.

    Don’t miss out on HEPA air filters for home, especially if a family member smokes. HEPA filter air purifiers will trap airborne smoke particles, and you should also consider opening the windows because fresh air can help rid your home of smoke odor. Use tobacco smoke air purifiers, plus spend more time outside if the air quality is good. As well as running the best home air purifiers for smoke, take every opportunity to breathe in fresh air.

    Change the HEPA air filters on your air purifiers for smoke, and don’t forget the filters on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning, too. Just as HEPA filter air purifiers work better with clean filters, so do your HVAC systems. HEPA air filters for home need to be changed to be able to trap dirty air particles, and HVAC needs fresh filters to help the air circulate better. Use the best home air purifiers for smoke, and take good care of your other important systems, too.

    Tobacco smoke air purifiers and air purifiers for wildfire smoke should all have the best HEPA air filters for home. As you run your air purifiers for smoke, it’s also a good idea to use your ceiling fans. HEPA filter air purifiers capture smoke-related irritants and release fresh air, while fans circulate that healthier air through your rooms. Help your best home air purifiers for smoke do their job by taking other smart steps in your living space.