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Our expert panel recommends the best air purifiers for bacteria and viruses after testing them rigorously. They’ll only consider HEPA air purifiers that meet specific safety and performance standards. These air purifiers for viruses have UL or ETL as well as EnergyStar and California Resources Board (CARB) certifications. When rating our home air purifiers, these experts will never recommend units they don’t fully stand behind.

Bestselling air purifiers for bacteria and viruses come in many shapes and sizes and have different features that aid in the removal of microorganisms that can cause a virus, the flu and other serious health problems. We’ll only recommend HEPA air purifiers for COVID and other health problems because they’ll remove over 99% of the harmful air. And these popular air purifiers for viruses may also feature pre-filters, ionizers or activated carbon to remove odors as well as bacteria, mold and other household allergens.

Reading up on the best air purifiers for bacteria and viruses is more common now than ever before. Consumers are looking to HEPA air purifiers for COVID to significantly decrease the risks by making the air in their living and sleeping spaces cleaner and healthier.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Bacteria and Viruses?

Which Air Purifiers are Best for Bacteria and Virus Problems

Colds, flus, and other viruses are usually spread through microorganisms that become airborne. The microorganisms are then transmitted from one person to another by breathing indoor air that contains the contaminant. The spread of bacteria and viruses that are airborne can easily happen inside a home due to the confinement of air; homes are sealed tight for climate and safety purposes, and the air that is contained inside a home cannot escape from the residence.

If the home is contaminated with microscopic bacteria and microorganisms, they will simply re-circulate throughout the home. because they have nowhere to escape. Thus, residents inside the home will breathe in the contaminated air and are at a high risk of catching a cold or flu. Although all people are at risk for catching a cold or flu, young children, senior citizens, and those with compromised immune systems are more at risk to contract an illness from airborne microorganisms. In order to eliminate these microorganisms, air purifiers can be run inside the home to remove these particles. The best air purifiers on the market that specialize in defeating the spread of bacteria and microorganisms are those that feature a HEPA filtering system to clean the air.

The Alen Paralda air purifier is one unit that is effective at removing microorganisms and bacteria from indoor air. This unit contains antibacterial HEPA-Silver threads that protect the filter from harmful microbe growth, as well as an ozone-safe ionizer that allows particles to be more easily captured. Its filtering system ensures the elimination of harmful bacterial particles from the air.

Consumers should specifically research air purifiers that are equipped with a HEPA filtering system. A regular HEPA filtering system specializes in removing particles and microorganisms from the air. The HEPA filter is able to trap even the smallest of particles and remove them from the air before they are released. Therefore, air purifiers that simply feature a HEPA filtering system are still efficient at destroying the harmful viruses and bacteria that are present in the air.

The spread of viral infections, colds, and flus is something that concerns all homeowners. The health of residents inside the home and the prevention of the spread of bacteria are important issues and should be taken seriously by homeowners. The correct use of air purifiers that contain a HEPA filtering system or specialty air purifiers with germicidal lamps are helpful for the quality of indoor air. By investing in such air purifiers, a home’s indoor air can be safer and healthier for the all to breathe.


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Original articles about the best air purifiers for bacteria and viruses discuss certain brands and models that are effective at removing these harmful particulates. We’ll only suggest HEPA air purifiers for COVID that we stand behind. Our recommendations of HEPA air purifiers for viruses are based solely on merit and performance and never on financial compensation. Consumers count on our home air purifiers experts to give them all the information they need to make more informed decisions.

With the best air purifiers for bacteria and viruses, consumers won’t have to worry about microorganisms recirculating throughout their living spaces. Keep HEPA air purifiers for COVID running constantly to maintain healthier air – especially for small children, the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. Some air purifiers for viruses contain antibacterial HEPA-silver threads that protect the filter from harmful microbe growth. With the home air purifiers, you’ll be more prepared.

The best air purifiers for bacteria and viruses are equipped with HEPA filters. A regular HEPA filtering system in air purifiers for COVID are particularly effective at removing particles and microorganisms. These HEPA air purifiers for viruses can trap even the smallest particles. While home air purifiers without HEPA filters can remove a lot of dust, dirt and dander, those with HEPA filters will remove most of all the airborne particles that cause health problems.

These days the best air purifiers for bacteria and viruses are essential to prevent the spread of particulates throughout homes. Consumers want HEPA air purifiers that are effective at removing even the smallest microorganisms. Air purifiers for COVID and other viruses have features like germicidal lamps, pre-filters or ionizers to help clear the air. By investing in home air purifiers, improve the health and wellness of everyone in your home.