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Run tobacco smoke air purifiers, and do a deep cleaning if a resident in your home has recently stopped smoking. As your HEPA air purifiers release healthier air, your thorough cleaning can consist of projects that may take days, weeks or months. Use air purifiers to remove the smoke smell – plus, work in gloves and clothes you don’t mind throwing away at the end. While utilizing air purifiers for smoke, discarding clothing helps you reduce the possibility of contaminating another surface or area.

Tobacco smoke air purifiers are essentials, especially units with HEPA air filters for smoke. HEPA air purifiers capture tiny smoke particles in the air, and you’ll also want to clean the surface under your feet. As you run air purifiers to remove smoke smell, vacuum your carpets and mop your floors. And along with using home air purifiers for smoke, tackle all furniture surfaces, blinds and windows.

You should use HEPA tobacco smoke air purifiers as air purifiers to remove smoke smell, and it’s smart to get rid of candles and air fresheners. HEPA air purifiers help clean your air, while the other items can irritate your breathing and lungs.

5 Best Bedroom Air Purifiers for Smoke from Cigarettes

By Bianca Herron

If you’re a smoker or dealing with secondhand smoke and looking to keep the air in your home clean, investing in a high-quality air purifier with activated carbon is the best bet. Cigarette smoke is different from wildfire and wood smoke in that it contains a fair amount of tar, which is a liquid, that sticks to everything, is difficult to clean up, and is absorbed by fabrics such as carpets, window coverings and furniture. However, a HEPA filtration device, with significant carbon, can help.

These air purifiers for smokers can help tremendously with smoke and the bad-smelling odors that come along with it. Although the best method of maintaining clean indoor air is to eliminate the source of smoke, HEPA air purifiers can significantly reduce smoke and smoke odors in your home.

How so? HEPA filters are designed to catch more than 99 percent of smoke particles and activated carbon that is 0.3 microns in size or smaller. If you’re currently shopping for an air purifier, it would be wise to shop for units that have at least two or more pounds of carbon for light smoke. If you are a heavier smoker, you will need at least five pounds of carbon or more to absorb and remove smoke and its smoke odors.

While some air purifiers are labeled as “air purifiers for smoke,” you need to make sure it’s particularly for wildfire smoke if this is your concern. Air purifiers designed for cigarette and cigar smoke are not always recommended for wildfire smoke and are typically targeted for nicotine odor and tar removal. To take care of wildfire smoke in your home, you need more specified features for this particular smoke.

Run tobacco smoke air purifiers, especially HEPA air purifiers, and also get plenty of fresh air by spending time outdoors.

You’ll want to run tobacco smoke air purifiers if someone smokes at home, especially when you learn about the serious health effects of secondhand smoke. Home air purifiers with HEPA air filters for smoke can help prevent initial coughing and other symptoms, plus more serious damage relating to your blood and breathing. Use HEPA air purifiers to help cut down on the risk of lung cancer, too. And air purifiers for smoke can help reduce the possibility of illnesses among children.

Running air purifiers to remove smoke smell makes good sense, and tobacco smoke air purifiers are critical in diminishing health risks. HEPA air purifiers help prevent symptoms like eye irritation, sneezing and shortness of breath. Efficient home air purifiers also help reduce triggers for allergies and asthma that can lead to other health issues. Plus, air purifiers for smoke help lessen smoke effects such as development of chronic conditions like emphysema.

HEPA air filters for smoke in your home purifiers can help limit exposure to secondhand smoke – exposure that increases your risk of lung cancer by up to 30%. HEPA air purifiers also can decrease your risk of other types of cancer linked to smoke. It’s wise to try tobacco smoke air purifiers that reduce the presence of harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke, because up to 70 of those chemicals are known to contribute to cancer. Investing in air purifiers for smoke means investing in better health.

Use home air purifiers, especially HEPA air purifiers, to help protect children from secondhand smoke in your home. Tobacco smoke air purifiers limit children’s exposure to cigarette smoke that can hinder lung development and cause serious issues like bronchitis and pneumonia. Air purifiers for smoke are also important because the units may help cut down on other dangers linked to secondhand smoke. Air purifiers to remove smoke smell can also contribute to a healthier home for everyone.