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5 Best Air Purifiers for Your Home Gym

By Kaitlin Mays

The global pandemic has changed a lot of aspects of our lives, including our schedules and routines. One central area of our lives the pandemic has affected is the way we choose to work out. At the forefront of the pandemic, most, if not all, gyms were closed, and we were forced to take our workout elsewhere­–primarily to our own homes.

As we scrambled to figure out how to stay healthy and not break our workout routine, we looked to the task of building our home gym. Home exercise equipment saw a boom: we searched for the perfect at-home workout videos, and we began the chore of slowly stocking our home gym with the proper weights and yoga mats. However, after almost a year of working out at home, we think home gyms are here to stay. They have proven to be more cost-effective, as that monthly gym membership fee has been canceled by many. Plus, it is drastically more convenient than taking the extra hour out of your day to drive to and from the gym. Convenience is key here.

However, there is one crucial aspect to your home gym that many people have forgotten: an air purifier. You could own all the top-of-the-line workout equipment, but if your air quality is poor, your workout could be less than effective. You must have an air purifier in your home gym to help with odor elimination, allergy control, and removing impurities from the air.

First up, odor elimination. Where there is sweat, there is going to be an odor. If you’re not cleaning the air during your workout, all of that sweat and odor will be stagnant in your home gym. We all know that sour body odor smell, and we don’t want our home gym to start smelling like the locker room. We don’t want to be breathing it in during a hard workout. An air purifier will help eliminate those odors, as well as keep them from spreading throughout your home. Secondly, air purifiers will help to remove particles, impurities, and dust from the air. These particles floating through the air can cause the air to be thick and cause irritants in your throat when you work out. When you work out, you are breathing harder, and you want that air to be as pure as possible to keep those airways clear and maximize the effects of your workout. Finally, having an air purifier is excellent for allergy control. Allergens in the air can cause itchy eyes, runny nose, and a scratchy throat, amongst other unpleasant symptoms. You don’t want that hindering your results.

At APC, we provide the most accurate, up-to-date guides regarding the best decisions for your air purifier solution. Air purifiers are an investment in your well-being and will help you breathe fresher air. Regardless of who you are, air purifiers can be crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Air purifiers decrease air pollutants and give relief to people suffering from allergies. Improving your home’s air quality can be an instant solution with a suitable investment in the appropriate air purifier.