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To help you find air purifiers for COVID, look for everything you need to know in hundreds of original articles, buying guides and product reviews. We’ve assembled experts in office and home air purifiers to put many brands and models to the test. They’ll only consider HEPA air filters because they are the most effective at removing harmful particles. They’ll also recommend air purifiers for home and office that address your health concerns, square footage and your budget.

Air purifiers for COVID should have primary filters that are medical grade for removing microscopic particles. However, many office air purifiers also use pre-filters with activated carbon that are highly successful at removing larger particles before the air gets pushed through their primary HEPA filters. Prolong the life of HEPA air filters with pre-filters too, so your unit works more effectively and cuts down on the expense of replacing filters.

Air purifiers for COVID have become more and more popular in the last several years. Employers know that office air purifiers will cut down on the instance of not only mild symptoms, but also more serious illnesses.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips for Your Office to Prevent Coronavirus

Learn About Coronavirus Prevention and the Importance of Protecting the Space That You Spend Most of Your Time

By Jaimie Hart

Whether you work from home or are going into the office, you’ll want to protect your workspace from the Coronavirus. Being in good health encourages more productivity, and you can keep your family safe knowing that you’re taking the necessary precautions.

What to Know About Coronavirus

The risks of getting seriously ill have been on the minds of most people these days. Coronavirus is known to be highly contagious and deadly, creating a pandemic across the world. Research has shown that COVID-19 can easily spread through airborne particles and droplets. These droplets can stay suspended in the air for hours and cover over six feet of distance, so it’s more important than ever to purify the air around us.

Studies show that COVID can spread in numerous ways. This may include the transmission from:

  • Airborne particles (short and long-range)
  • Droplets
  • Contaminated surfaces
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing

  • Coronavirus also spreads easily indoors, which happens to be where we spend a lot of our time working about eight hours per day. The threat of multiple variants of COVID also presents that the risks are everchanging, and more severe illnesses could arise. With over 500,000 deaths that occurred in one single year, preventing you and your family from contracting coronavirus is a top priority.

    The Importance of Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Office

    Many people work the nine to five schedule or work even longer hours, making your office space the area where you spend the majority of your time. The transmission of coronavirus is greater in confined spaces such as your home office, and going to and from the grocery store could potentially bring COVID back home with you. If you’re going into your work’s office, then you may be around numerous employees that can put you at risk of contracting COVID-19 due to limited social distancing.

    Scientists agree that coronavirus prevention starts with implementing a proper cleaning and disinfecting regimen. Thorough disinfection of your office space will help you breathe in clean air and limit the threat of COVID droplets and particles circulating. Disinfectants and air purifiers efficiently kill bacteria and viruses, and keeping a clean office space is the best method to ensure that your work environment is safe and healthy.

    Methods to Protect Your Office From COVID-19

    Manually cleaning your office can take some time and effort on your part. When you have a hectic schedule, it’s helpful to take advantage of products that can do most of your work. One of the best disinfection tips for coronavirus prevention that even scientists approve of is adding an air purifier to your space. Using an air purifier along with starting your workday with some simple disinfection strategies can significantly reduce the threat of COVID in your office.

    Consider these tips for cleaning and disinfecting your office:

  • Add an air purifier to your home office or place one on your desk at work
  • Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer that includes at least 60 percent alcohol on your desk
  • Use a disinfectant spray or wipes to clean all of the surfaces before you begin work and when done for the day
  • Wear reusable or disposable gloves while cleaning
  • Double-check the cleaning instructions on your electronics and clean them safely
  • Wash your hand throughout the day with soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Keep tissues on your desk to prevent coughing and to sneeze onto surfaces

  • An air purifier uses a HEPA filter that kills germs and viruses that can get into your office. Added features such as ionizers and UV lights add extra sanitation benefits, and you can find purifiers that cover the specific square footage of the space. You can find a high-efficiency air purifier that protects your home office along with the rest of your home, creating the ultimate healthy environment where you spend most of your time. You can also find portable air purifiers that you can take to work with you and have peace of mind during your business travels.

    Summary Checklist

    ✓ Follow CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19

  • Wear a mask
  • Practice social distancing
  • Wash your hands

  • ✓ Disinfect your office equipment by following the manufactures instructions so that you don’t damage any equipment

    ✓ Add an air purifier with certified true HEPA filters to your office

    ✓ Find an air purifier that includes an ionizer or UV light

    ✓ Double-check the product’s dimensions to make sure it fits in your office space or on your desk

    ✓ Look for an air purifier that weighs 30 pounds or less if you plan on transporting or maneuvering it often

    ✓ Find an air purifier with a large coverage area to protect your entire living space

    ✓ Look for a “desktop” air purifier if you want it closeby to your work station

    ✓ Find an air purifier that’s light and compact if you’re going back and forth from a business office

    ✓ Double-check that the air purifier covers the square footage of your office

    Starting your workday with some disinfection and cleaning is the key to more productivity and coronavirus prevention. You can take advantage of products such as air purifiers that allow you to continue your work while simultaneously protecting you and your family from harmful viruses. With these cleaning methods and tips at your disposal, breathing in clean air is one less thing you have to stress about.


    In addition to having air purifiers for COVID in your office or home office, maintain regular disinfecting practices.

    Studies show that air purifiers for COVID significantly decrease particles known to be highly contagious. Our experts suggest using office air purifiers with true-HEPA filters because they are proven effective at removing over 99% of particles that cause serious illness. In addition to HEPA air filters, some units have pre-filters, several fan speeds and multiple filtration stages. These air purifiers for home and office will improve sleep, decrease allergies and cut down on illness wherever you run them.

    Working long hours makes air purifiers for COVID essential for most workspaces. In addition to office air purifiers, scientists and health experts stress the importance of cleaning and disinfecting your office space. Powerful HEPA air filters will catch and trap airborne particles, while disinfectants help clean hard surfaces. Like air purifiers for the home, purifiers for the office will keep harmful particles from building up in the first place.

    Add air purifiers for COVID as a first step in cleaning and disinfecting your office space. In conjunction with using office air purifiers, keep sanitizer bottles for cleaning hands along with disinfectant sprays or wipes for all surfaces. HEPA air filters remove airborne particles, but electronics are magnets for germs, so you’ll want to safely clean them as well. Air purifiers for home and work are as essential as washing your hands throughout the day with soap and water, which employees should also do to keep themselves and customer healthier in your office space.

    Our experts base air purifiers for COVID ratings only on their performance and merit and never on financial compensation or commission agreements. They’ve put hundreds of office air purifiers to the test to help consumers make the best buying decisions. Leaning toward HEPA air filters with good manufacturer warranties is also common as your investment should be protected should anything go wrong. The best air purifiers for the home also have easily accessible replacement filters and parts.