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The best air purifier for air pollution is especially important in the bedroom where most people spend a lot of their time. In our bedroom air purifiers reviews, you’ll learn that good air purifiers for bedrooms not only improve air quality but also boost the quality of your sleep. Without top rated home air filters, your sleep may not be restful, and that can lead to sleep deprivation. The best purifier for air pollution may help prevent restless nights that can decrease your ability to concentrate, weaken your immune system and worsen your memory.

Run the best air purifier for air pollution in your bedroom, and also take other steps to help sleep better. Our bedroom air purifier reviews recommend putting yourself on a schedule to regulate your internal clock by waking up at the same time each morning and going to bed at the same time each night. Along with using top rated home air filters in your home air purifiers, play soothing music when you go to bed. You should use the best purifier for air pollution in bedrooms – plus, relax at bedtime by doing yoga or meditation.

You’ll find the best air purifiers for air pollution in the bedroom have a pink noise feature, which provides a low, relaxing background sound that helps you fall asleep. In our bedroom air purifier reviews, we suggest top rated home air filters to clean your air and pink noise to reduce distracting sounds that can interrupt your sleep.

5 Best Bedroom Air Purifiers for Eliminating Indoor Air Pollution

By Mirakle Stillman

No matter where you live, you can bet you’re breathing in the same free substance as everyone else: air. With something we all share constantly, it’s easy to forget when something as simple as air can be a problem, but it can be. We consider how much we eat, workout, and generally live but neglect the harm that specific spaces with polluted air can give us. These days, air pollution is an increasing global concern. If you have ever lived near a busy road or construction site, you can understand the contaminants’ impact on the outside air. You may try to avoid those areas during certain times of the day or move away altogether. But, what if the problem is in your own home?

Our houses can be the most susceptible to air pollution’s harmful effects on the human body because it can show itself in all physical forms, such as solids, liquid droplets, or gases, even when we can’t see it happening. It seems like closing a window isn’t enough anymore, so what is? Fortunately, an excellent way to ensure a constantly clean and healthy circulation of indoor air would be to invest in an air purifier perfect for your home’s size and conditions.

A Quality Investment for Your Family’s Health

Indoor air pollution has been linked to asthma and lung cancer in past studies, but it can also cause less serious side effects, such as fatigue, nasal congestion, and headaches. Air purifiers are an excellent solution for filtering out contaminants present in the air that can be as tiny as dust mites. They provide your home with an endless circulation of clean air and can run as long as you let it. When investing in your new air purifier, be sure to use one with a True HEPA filter. HEPA purifiers filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns, which effectively removes bacteria, dust, and mold pollutants from the air. When you improve your breathing conditions, you immediately enhance your and your family’s long-lasting health.

Who’s Most at Risk For Indoor Air Pollution?

Certain groups are more at risk of air pollutants’ effects than others, including children, the elderly, and the chronically ill. This is especially true for those who suffer from respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. People who are also exposed to indoor air pollutants consistently are usually susceptible to their harmful effects more often than others. When it comes to choosing your new air purifier, consider your family’s health conditions. Although indoor air pollution can be detrimental to specific groups more likely than others, anyone can be impacted by its effects.

The Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

There is reason to believe indoor air quality is sometimes worse than outdoor, especially in the wintertime when we don’t allow as much outside air to circulate inside the home due to the cold weather. According to the American Lung Association’s State of the Air 2020 Report, in 2016-2018, more cities had high days of ozone and short-term particle pollution than in 2015-2017. Several types of air contaminants can affect your health. The typical indoor air pollutants include things like cookstoves, heaters, and cigarette smoke.

Top Air Purifiers for Exterminating Indoor Air Pollution

When deciding on the right air purifier and filter, there are various elements to examine. Look for specifications that provide your air with the best quality cleaning to give your overall health the most benefit. First, as previously stated, you need a certified True HEPA filter along with microbial filter technology. For various size particles, your air purifier needs to have multi-stage filtering. Your air purifier needs the ability to eliminate odors, especially the more offensive smells. Measure the square footage of the room you will be placing the air purifier for the most efficiency. Once you have your considerations, you’ll be able to make a safe decision that will provide you with the cleanest air possible.


When needing the best air purifier for air pollution, take a look at our bedroom air purifier reviews that discuss features you should look for in top rated air purifiers.

You’ll find the best air purifier for air pollution has a high CADR (clean air delivery rate). Our bedroom air purifier reviews explain that the higher the number, the faster your home air purifiers can filter the air. Top rated home air filters should have a CADR of at least 240. When wanting the best purifier for air pollution in the bedroom and other rooms, make sure the unit will efficiently draw in the dirty air, filter it and push out cleaner air.

The best air purifier for air pollution also needs to cover the space in which you’ll use the unit. By reading our bedroom air purifiers reviews, you’ll learn that good air purifiers for bedrooms are most effective when their capacity is larger than the square footage of the room. Using top rated home air filters in your home air purifier also adds to its effectiveness. When looking for the best purifier for air pollution, consider CADR, square footage and air filter quality.