Air Purifiers For Asthma Sufferers & Best Air Purifiers For Living Rooms

Air Filters for Asthma, Best HEPA Air Purifiers & Home Air Purifiers

For recommending air purifiers for asthma, we’ve put together an expert panel of manufacturers and engineers. These experts put the best air purifiers for living rooms to the test and choose only those that remove virtually all the harmful particulates in the room. They will only consider air purifiers for asthma sufferers that use HEPA air filters. That’s because true-HEPA air filters will remove over 99% of the offending airborne particles that often cause both mild and more serious symptoms.

Because these air purifiers for asthma experts have over 100 years of cumulative experience, they know what consumers look for. They know the best air purifiers for living rooms tend to be larger units and often need to address other particles like smoke, chemical odors or fumes – all can be triggers for asthma symptoms. Air purifiers for asthma sufferers may need other features such as activated carbon to remove odors and fumes as well. Purifiers with HEPA air filters are proven to be extremely effective for these types of particulates.

Because air purifiers for asthma are so important to so many, it’s our goal to recommend only the top air purifiers for the job. After reviewing the best air purifiers for living rooms and bedrooms, we’re confident our recommendations will make a significant impact in the health and wellness of consumers.

5 Best Living Room Air Purifiers for Asthma

By Becky Dotson

What Triggers Asthma?

Asthma differs from person to person. What can cause a flare-up for you may not be a problem for others. Outdoor irritants like pollen, smog, fire, and pollution can quickly cause issues for those with asthma. Pollen, mold, dust, or pet dander can be triggering. Cigarette smoke, chemicals, paint fumes can also have you reaching for your inhaler. Exercise induced asthma is also common. That’s why you must monitor when your symptoms start, pay attention to what seems to make them worse, what you were doing at the time of your flare-up, and what was going on around you to determine what your specific asthma triggers are. It will help you know what to avoid and how best to protect yourself in the future from a severe asthma attack.

Air Purifiers and Asthma

One of the most effective ways to cut down on asthma and even allergy issues at home is with an air purifier. Air purifiers pull harmful airborne particles and pollutants out of the air, trap them in a filter or series of filters, and release clean and purified air back out.

The best air purifiers use a HEPA filter as the primary filter. HEPA filters can trap 99 percent of the smallest airborne irritants floating around in the air inside your home. Mold, pollen, dust, pet dander, and even viruses and bacteria can be caught and trapped with these high-efficiency filters.

Ideally, you would want an air purifier in the living room, kitchen, and every bedroom. But that can become expensive quickly. So, if you’re trying to decide the best place in your house that will benefit everyone – especially your family members with asthma – you may want to consider your living room or den as the place for your air purifier.

We’re passionate about air purifiers for asthma, so we do our best to improve the health of asthma sufferers, one purifier at a time.

To find the right air purifiers for asthma, it’s important to understand what asthma is and what causes it. It’s important for the best air purifiers for living rooms and bedrooms to remove virtually all of the harmful particulates in any given room. That’s because air purifiers for asthma sufferers can catch and trap particles that cause both inflammation and constriction of the air and lung passageways. It’s important that true-HEPA air filters are used in home air purifiers because they are the only filters that are proven effective to remove over 99% of the symptom-causing particulates.

It’s important to understand air purifiers for asthma work by catching and trapping particles like dust, dirt, dander and other allergens that can cause asthma attacks. The best air purifiers for living rooms are very important because it’s typically where you and your family spend the most time and it’s also a room that is widely used, so the buildup of these particulates can be significant. We recommend running air purifiers for asthma sufferers whenever they are in the room and for even better results – all the time. With HEPA air filters or a series of filters, your purifier can make a major improvement in very little time.

Air purifiers for asthma are ideal for fighting both mild and more serious symptoms. The best air purifiers for living rooms use HEPA air filters to catch and trap over 99% of the allergens that cause symptoms like difficulty breathing. There are also air purifiers for serious asthma sufferers, whose triggers can be caused by odors, chemicals and smoke. In this case, HEPA air filters, a series of filters or activated carbon all provide an effective remedy for removing trigger particles from your home.

In addition to using air purifiers for asthma, we recommend other simple ways to keep dust, dirt and dander to a minimum. Even the best air purifiers for living rooms can’t replace your regular cleaning and vacuuming routine. That’s because air purifiers for asthma sufferers are highly effective at removing airborne particulates, but carpets, hard surfaces and upholstery are places where these allergens get stuck or ground in. In addition to high-performance HEPA air filters, keep rugs at the doors for catching dirt brought in by pets or people, remove carpet altogether if you can and clean bedding and upholstery regularly.