5 Best Air Purifiers for Sleep & Air Cleaner For Home

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Many consumers search the best air purifiers for sleeping because they know it’s so important to good health. That’s why we’ve published quiet air purifier for bedrooms product reviews and buying guides as well as written about them in original articles. We’ll only review top rated air cleaners for home with true-HEPA air filters. With powerful filters, small air purifiers are ideal for bedrooms that are smaller in size so they have limited space for an air purifier.

Adding the best air purifiers for sleeping to your bedroom is the best first step you can take to get cleaner air. Quiet air purifier for bedrooms reviews will give you everything you need to know about a particular unit, so you can make the most informed buying decisions. It’s important to get top rated air cleaners for home that will remove virtually all the harmful particulates that may otherwise cause sleeping problems. Even the best small air purifiers equipped with HEPA air filters will do the trick!

Read about the best air purifiers for sleeping before you make an investment in a new unit. It’s important to get quiet air purifiers for bedrooms, reviewers say, so you’ll want to review the decibel rating and check for sleep features on the units you’re interested in.

5 Best Bedroom Air Purifiers for Sleep

Find the Best Air Purifiers That Will Give You a Good Night’s Sleep

By Jaimie Hart

Adults need at least seven hours of sleep each night to achieve the most significant health and wellbeing. To ensure that you’re sleeping soundly and refreshed for the day ahead, you must minimize distractions in your bedroom. An air purifier can help you breathe easier and stay comfortable for a sound sleep due to the ability to filter out harmful allergens and air particles that often keep us from falling asleep.

How Can an Air Purifier Improve Sleep?

The quality of both sleep and the air around you significantly affect your health. You’re at risk of illness and sleep disruptions if you spend your night inhaling dust, allergens, and harmful chemicals. Harmful air particles create difficulty breathing, inflammation, viruses, and many more symptoms.

If you’re wondering how to sleep better even if you’re in optimal health, one answer is an air purifier. An air purifier improves your sleep health by filtering out pollutants in the air, making it difficult to fall asleep and stay well-rested. The HEPA filter traps particles of all sizes to reduce allergens and bacteria, while activated carbon can adsorb odors and harmful chemical gases such as wildfire smoke.

To achieve deep sleep, you need to make sure that there’s no opportunity for any distractions in the middle of the night, so you’ll specifically want to find an air purifier that operates at a low decibel level or has a sleep mode. Many air purifiers offer you the multitude of benefits of sleep specifically. The best air purifiers for rest include soothing sounds and reduced allergy symptoms that help you fall asleep fast to achieve the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep you need each night.

In fact, air purifiers with pink noise — such as the Alen BreatheSmart 45i — help reduce distracting noises that interrupt your sleep, including loud talking or someone snoring. Pink noise instead provides low, relaxing background noise, helping you fall asleep faster and improving the depth of your sleep. Ultimately, this means you’ll get the necessary rest you need to feel rejuvenated and tackle the coming day.

Recommendations for Selecting an Air Purifier For Sleep

✓ Find an air purifier that’s light and compact if you’re taking it to multiple rooms or plan on traveling with it
✓ Look for certified true HEPA filters and activated carbon if you want both particle and odor removal
✓ Check for a limited warranty
✓ Don’t use an ozone or ionizer air purifier if you want less harmful impacts to the environment
✓ Check the product’s dimensions to make sure it fits in your bedroom
✓ Find an air purifier with a low decibel rating for quiet filtrations and minimal noise distractions
✓ Double-check that the air purifier covers the square footage of your bedroom
✓ Find an air purifier with 15 pounds or more of activated carbon if you live in a wildfire zone


Buying the best air purifiers for sleeping doesn’t have to be daunting when you rely on our experts and the information we’ve compiled in one convenient place.

Run the best air purifiers for sleeping even if you are in optimal health. In our quiet air purifier for bedrooms reviews, discover how everyone can benefit from cleaner, healthier air. The top rated air cleaner for the home most always contains true-HEPA air filters that are the most effective for removing harmful particles. Small air purifiers make a big difference in your bedroom’s air quality and provide the best possible environment for getting a good night’s sleep.

For the best air purifiers for sleeping to limit distractions, look for units with low decibel output. Our quiet air purifier for bedrooms reviews also recommend purifiers that have a specific sleep mode to keep noise to a minimum. Other top rated air cleaners for the home include soothing sounds like pink noise that can even help you fall asleep according to some studies. Include these small bedroom air purifiers into your nighttime routine and feel more rested after a solid and recommended seven to nine hours of sleep at night.