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You’ll need the best small room air purifiers for nurseries, small bedrooms and even for your office at work. These highly effective home air purifiers can remove over 99% of particles that may cause poor sleeping, illness, allergies and even depression. HEPA air filters combined with carbon filters can remove odors and fumes as well as particles 0.3 microns or more. That makes them perfect air purifiers for bedrooms to keep spaces both clean and fresh.

To help recommend the best small room air purifiers, we’ve assembled a panel of experts in purifiers engineering and manufacturing. Our experts generally lean toward home air purifiers from longstanding brands. Purifiers with HEPA air filters are also recommended as well as those that have replacement filters and parts easily accessible. They’ll rate air purifiers for bedrooms based only on their performance and merit and never on financial compensation.

The best small room air purifiers should be rated for your treatable space to work efficiently. Home air purifiers shouldn’t be too big or too small to remove dust, dirt and dander effectively.

5 Best Small Room Air Purifiers Under $200

Tips and Recommendations to Help You Find the Right Air Purifier on a Budget

By Becky Dotson

When deciding on the right small room air purifier for your needs, you may find that many top-rated units typically have higher price tags. Although many of these units are worth the price, there are still several good-quality air purifiers available for a lower price point.

In our mission to provide you with the best air purifier options to fit your specific needs, here is some helpful information, as well as our recommendations, to keep in mind when shopping for a small room air purifier under $200.

What is Considered a Small Room?

When we say small room, we mean your bedroom, home office, bathroom, nursery, and similarly-sized rooms (rooms around 150 sq. ft. or less).

You will find that many air purifiers priced under $200 are most effective in smaller rooms and will likely not clean the air as well in a larger space. All of our recommended air purifiers should have enough power to generate two times an hour (our minimum) air exchanges at the highest speed setting in small rooms.

What to Keep in Mind

When shopping for a small room air purifier, keep in mind that the fan is also smaller and will require higher operating speeds. Air filters that are True HEPA H12 or H13 and quality seals on the air purifier make it so that these models clean the air effectively at high/turbo speed, making it slightly noisy.

Running a small room air purifier at an operating speed of level 2 is typically a comfortable sound level for most people. When running at moderate speed, air purifiers can create non-intrusive white noise that masks outside noise, making them soothing in spaces like a bedroom or nursery. While running air purifiers at lower speeds usually reduces the noise, it is good to run them at high speeds throughout the day to create enough air exchange to make it beneficial.

When selecting a small room air purifier, consider that air filters will need to be replaced more frequently (around four times per year). Many smaller units have filters that combine HEPA and carbon, and often the modest amounts of carbon in the filter get depleted long before the HEPA runs out. Because of this, it is wise to avoid unknown or less established air purifier brands as you want to ensure replacing filters won’t be an issue down the road.

The Bottom Line

When shopping for an air purifier, remember to keep in mind the size of your room and the concerns you are wanting to remedy. The five air purifiers we have recommended are our top picks in this price range for rooms the size of a bedroom or home office. If you are looking for recommendations outside of this site, we encourage you to read reviews and choose brands that are known for their quality, customer service, and value.


Recommending the best small room air purifiers that fit into your budget is our goal.

While the best small room air purifiers may have higher price tags, there are still some models that are very affordable. Our recommendations for the perfect home air purifiers take your specific needs and your budget into consideration. We always recommend HEPA air filter purifiers because they are the most effective at removing harmful particulates. These air purifiers for the bedroom are quiet enough for uninterrupted and better sleep.

When we say, “best small room air purifiers,” we mean for bedrooms, offices, bathrooms and nurseries that are approximately 150 square feet or less. These smaller home air purifiers won’t clean larger rooms effectively. Even with powerful HEPA air filters, it’s important to choose the appropriate size for your treatable space. Add quality air purifiers for bedrooms and breathe easy, sleep easy and enjoy a better quality of life.

Choosing the best small room air purifiers should include true-HEPA filters for maximum efficacy. Home air purifiers. Keep in mind, home air purifiers with smaller fans will require higher operating speeds. Smaller air purifiers with HEPA H12 or H13 air filters for bedrooms should have quality seals, which allow these models to clean air effectively at higher speeds. But all air purifiers for the nursery or small bedrooms should have enough power to recirculate totally clean air two times an hour at minimum.

Looking for the best small room air purifiers? Look no further for home air purifiers than our website that highlights many brands and models of quality units. Read about purifiers with HEPA air filters in hundreds of articles, buying guides and product reviews to find the perfect unit for your space and budget. Our comprehensive site on air purifiers for bedrooms makes it easier than ever for consumers to make informed buying decisions.