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Read about the best HEPA air purifiers for all different types of airborne particles that can cause poor sleeping, brain fog, allergies, asthma and more serious illnesses. Our experts review air purifiers for office and home to help consumers find the best units for their needs. They’ll always recommend HEPA air filter purifiers because they are proven effective to remove virtually all airborne particles. We’ll handle research on home air purifiers to make the buying process easier for our readers.

Experts rate the best HEPA air purifiers based only on their performance and merit and never on financial compensation. They know air purifiers for office use must often cover a lot of square footage, so they’ll recommend units that are rated for 1,000 square feet for large spaces or 300 square feet for smaller. There are purifiers with HEPA air filters from different brands and sometimes choosing the right unit seems complicated. With our home air purifiers articles, buying guides and product reviews, we’ll make the process easier than ever.

Stay productive with the best HEPA air purifiers even if you are surrounded by coworkers and clients. These days, air purifiers for the office are a must-have step against the spread of serious viral illnesses.

Top 5 HEPA Air Purifiers for Your Office

Increase Your Productivity and Stay Healthy in Any Office Environment with a HEPA Air Purifier

By Jaimie Hart

Having a clean office is more important than ever with the risk of being exposed to COVID when co-workers surround you. Roughly 40 percent of Americans are also working remotely, so it’s crucial to protect your home and space where you’re spending most of your time. Working indoors also poses a considerable threat, with indoor air pollution being one of the leading environmental risks for our health.

While indoor air quality is five times worse than outdoor air, you need some methods of feeling more protected in your office. Viruses, allergens, and more harmful particles are in the air, and a HEPA filter is one of the best things to eliminate these risks that seep into the office. Air purifiers utilize HEPA filters that trap large and microscopic air particles that can get into our respiratory system and create numerous health issues. An air purifier with HEPA for the office is the best tool you have to increase productivity and create a healthy work environment, so we found the best products to keep you working hard.

Stay Productive and Stay Healthy

You’re already busy with work, so you don’t need any added stress regarding air quality and your health. An air purifier can easily fit into your office whether you work from home or not, and HEPA filters can remove dangerous air particles that can make you sick and distract you from your work. These office air purifiers utilize HEPA technology to protect you from pollutants effectively and offer minimal disruptions during your hectic day.


Run the best HEPA air purifiers in the office or in your home office for cleaner, healthier air no matter where you work all day.

Looking for the best HEPA air purifiers to keep your family members or coworkers protected from dust, dirt, viruses and pollen? For air purifiers for offices, look no further than our website for original articles, buying guides and product reviews. Hundreds of purifiers with HEPA air filters have been put through rigorous testing to help consumers find the right purifiers for the job. Our experts make home and office air purifiers easier to choose and easier to use correctly.

Even the best HEPA air purifiers won’t replace your regular cleaning routines. That’s because air purifiers for the office will catch and trap airborne particles but not those that have settled on hard surfaces or been ground into rugs or upholstery. Purifiers with HEPA air filters are an excellent first line of defense against these particles, but you should plan on washing bedding on a weekly basis, cleaning upholstery and curtains often, and vacuuming rugs and carpets before these particles get ground in. Home air purifiers in conjunction with regular cleaning will make a significant impact in symptom-causing dust, dirt, pollen and viruses.

COVID exposure is the best reason for HEPA air purifiers in your office and in your home. High-performance air purifiers for offices will better protect you and your coworkers from passing on viral particles that can cause illnesses. Count on these HEPA air filter purifiers to remove over 99% of the harmful particles that employees carry in on their shoes or coats or that travel in airborne particulates in coughs and sneezes. And because home air purifiers are a fairly large investment, it’s important to consider the recommendations of our purifier experts.

For workplaces, the best HEPA air purifiers are essential so that illnesses and annoying symptoms won’t slow you down. Let high-performance air purifiers for the office pull all kinds of particles from the air you breathe all day, every workday. Our experts recommend purifiers with HEPA air filters because they are so effective at providing coworkers with the cleanest possible air all day. Just as important as home air purifiers, purifiers for the office use medical-grade HEPA filters to remove dust, dirt, dander, bacteria and viruses.