Protect Yourself from COVID-19 With Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers for Coronavirus, Best Air Purifiers for Viruses & Air Filters for Home

When looking for air purifiers for COVID-19, make sure they have essential qualities for the best coverage. These best air purifiers for virus protection will have the right filters, capacity and other features that will help trap germs in the air so there’s less chance of COVID-19 spread. The air purifiers kill viruses when they float in the air after someone sneezes, talks and otherwise expels droplets. Our experts evaluate air filters and purifiers for coronavirus to help you find the right ones.

To be most effective, use air purifiers for COVID-19 throughout your home. There are best air purifiers for virus protection with the capacity to cover your whole apartment or large open rooms in your home. You can also choose several smaller capacity air purifiers to place around your home to kill viruses. You’ll find these air purifiers for your home will also help with allergies, asthma and other conditions triggered by irritants in the air.

As you’re looking for air purifiers for COVID-19, nothing is more important than the air filters for coronavirus. Start with HEPA air filters for viruses because the filters will clear almost 100% of irritants in the air. Air purifiers that kill viruses should also have an ionizer or UV light to help kill germs. Finally, in addition to HEPA air filters for viruses, make sure the air purifiers have activated charcoal to help trap smoke and chemicals for even cleaner air.

To ensure your air purifiers for COVID-19 are a good investment, you’ll want to check the units’ histories. The best air purifiers for virus protection will have a proven history so you know they’ll last more than a season. These air purifiers that kill viruses must also have a history of replacement air filters readily available. Finally, look for air purifiers that have a good warranty so you’ll enjoy cleaner air in your home for many years to come.

Make sure air purifiers for COVID-19 and other viruses are around for years by selecting only brands that have a long history. Also the best air purifiers for virus protection will have a good warranty and easy-to-find HEPA filters.

How to Protect Yourself from COVID Indoors

Discover the Best Tips and Air Purifiers to Reduce the Risk of Getting Covid When You’re Indoors

With the threat of COVID-19 and Delta Variant, people are looking for added protection against the virus’s transmission. Doctors agree that air purifiers can significantly help you and your family stay protected.

The days of difficulties finding Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, and even flour seem like a distant memory. We now realize that people could benefit from portable air purifiers. An air purifier will save you some stress during your busy life, and there are many factors to consider when choosing the best product for your home.

The Threat of the Indoors

Going on a hike or playing in the backyard with the kids has been a safe and needed escape during the pandemic. When outdoor air temperatures are falling in the North, it’s back to finding creative things to do indoors while quarantined. This confined space also comes with a larger threat of the transmission of coronavirus.

Research has shown that COVID and its Delta Variant can spread in numerous ways. This may include the transmission from:

Airborne particles (short and long-range)
Contaminated surfaces
You may be going to the grocery store, having kids come home from school, or even live with someone who’s working on the front line. So how do you know that you’re coming home to a safe and clean space and assure that it stays protected from the virus? You can remain diligent with your Lysol and sanitizing and save some manual labor and let an air purifier provide additional protection to your home.

Your home is an oasis, and it can also be the safest place to be during the pandemic if you’re only socializing with your family and household. Social distancing and staying indoors may be all the relief you need. However, others who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, have to leave home for school or work, or have health risks may want to take advantage of an air purifier to reduce contracting the virus or spreading it.

Ways To Protect Yourself From COVID

Wear a Mask – The CDC provides that masks significantly help you reduce the spread of COVID-19. Masks offer some protection from getting the virus from someone you come in contact with, as well as protecting others from getting it if you’re infected unknowingly.

Practice Social Distancing – Staying six feet apart helps to eliminate the chances of spreading harmful viruses and bacteria. Avoiding large crowds also limits your risk of getting coronavirus, so you should avoid compact indoor spaces and stay in well-ventilated areas. The more people you are in contact with, the higher the risk of being exposed to COVID.

Wash and Sanitize Your Hands Frequently – Clean hands prevent germs from spreading and infections. Bacteria and viruses can quickly spread from touching your face and contaminating food, surfaces, and other objects. Try teaching your kids the “vampire cough” and wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. It would help if you also used a hand sanitizer that has at least 60 percent alcohol.

Use an Air Purifier – Air purifiers help reduce any airborne particles and contaminants in the air. This includes viruses that can exist in your home. Combining an air purifier with your existing cleaning regimen can give you the peace of mind you so desperately need during the pandemic and these changing seasons.

So how do air purifiers help with COVID? When someone coughs or sneezes, these particles get into the air. The worst fear is that you may have somehow been exposed to COVID-19 and can inadvertently release the virus into the air. The HEPA-13 filter in an air purifier can eliminate large amounts of the virus if this were to happen.

A HEPA-13’s filter range for capturing harmful bacteria and air particles does include the coronavirus. It’s in the lower range, but it still provides excellent added protection for you and your family. If you get in the habit of running your air purifier consistently in your home, it can disable 99.94 to 99.97% of viruses.

Finding the Best Air Purifier

With an increasing number of air purifiers on the market now, how do you pick the right one to protect you and your family from COVID? A quality air purifier will trap any harmful viruses and harmful air particles while sanitizing the air around you. No air purifier can market itself as completely protecting you from coronavirus, so remember, this is an added protective measure.

Air purifiers can have different specifications, and they have processes for deactivating pathogens and other airborne toxins. Some can also expertly reduce pet hair, dander, and allergy symptoms. Many air purifiers include the following methods:

Use ultraviolet light to sterilize and kill mold and bacteria.
Use electrostatic filters to draw in particles to metal plates.
Rely on a combination of the methods to trap and eliminate the most bacteria, particles, and gases as possible.

You should also specifically look at how many square feet of coverage an air purifier offers. It’s essential to make sure it covers the size of your room or living space. It’s a bonus if a product includes a lifetime warranty and comprehensive purifying features. Learn about the leading air purifiers to help reduce your COVID stress and protect your home:

Best Air Purifiers for COVID Protection

There are many reputable air purifier brands to choose from, and there are some products that have excellent features to help protect your home from the coronavirus. These products include a high-range HEPA filter and cover large spaces. They’re highly recommended for anyone eager to have added protection in your home in regards to COVID.

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

You’ll have extra peace of mind knowing that you and your family are more protected from COVID-19 with an air purifier. Guests can also feel relieved knowing there’s additional protection in your home, including caregivers who may be afraid of putting themselves at risk. If you follow the CDC guidelines and add an air purifier to your home, you can rest easy this Winter in a virus-free home.

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Summary Checklist

Wear a mask
Practice social distancing
Wash your hands
Look for certified true HEPA filters
Check for a limited warranty
Find an air purifier that includes an ionizer and/or UV light
Double-check the product’s dimensions to make sure it fits in your living space
Look for an air purifier that weighs 30 pounds or less if you plan on transporting or maneuvering it often
Find an air purifier with a large coverage area to protect your entire living space


Air purifiers for COVID-19 will help eliminate other airborne irritants for an even healthier environment.

Air purifiers for COVID-19 are an important part of protecting you and your family at home and beyond. The best air purifiers for virus protection will also help keep allergies and asthma under control, and can even help with headaches caused by smells or other irritants. To find air purifiers that kill viruses, check out our articles and reviews to develop a checklist of must-haves. We rely on industry experts to review air filters and purifiers for coronavirus to give you the best information.

Air purifiers are essential because COVID-19 spreads through the air. The best air purifiers for virus protection will eliminate large amounts of the virus. When someone coughs or sneezes, COVID-19 (and other airborne viruses) make it into the air and if you breathe it in, you can become infected, too, and often times you don’t know you’ve been exposed so air purifiers that kill viruses placed in your home can help kill the germs so there’s less possibility of spread. The air purifiers at home are especially important when family members spend a lot of time around other people.

The best air purifiers for virus protection start with HEPA air filters. These HEPA air filters for viruses will zap almost 100% of germs like COVID-19. For the best air purifiers for COVID-19, also look for units that have an ionizer or UV light to zap viruses. These air filters for coronavirus should also include activated charcoal that will also absorb smells and chemicals for even cleaner air.

As you’re shopping for air purifiers for COVID-19, you’ll also want to make sure they have the capacity for your room sizes. Even the best air purifiers for virus protection won’t be as effective as advertised if your unit’s capacity is 200 square feet and the room is 600 square feet. Also you don’t want to waste money on air purifiers that cover 500 square feet when your room is much smaller. Finally, make sure the air purifiers for home have easy maintenance and the filters are easy to find long-term so your investment lasts.