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To rate the best living room air purifiers, we’ve assembled a panel of experts in engineering and manufacturing as well as health professionals to take the mystery out of air purifiers. They know that air purifiers for allergies, asthma, secondhand smoke and other health concerns are the driving force in searches for air cleaners. We’ve compiled articles on large and small room air purifiers into hundreds of articles, buying guides and product reviews. With information on air purifiers for pets, smoke and allergies all in one convenient place, we’ll help consumers make better buying decisions.

With the best living room air purifiers, you are making an investment into health and wellness for your families. More people search for air purifiers for allergies than ever before – especially now that allergy season starts earlier and lasts longer. Experts often recommend large room air purifiers for high-traffic rooms where dust, dirt, pet dander and pollen get tracked in on shoes, coats and even the family pets. Control allergy symptoms with air purifiers for pet dander and other allergens and give yourself and your family relief.

Some of the best living room air purifiers have pre-filters that catch and trap larger particles before passing the air through primary filters. These air purifiers for smoke allergies often employ carbon filters that are good for absorbing smoke, tar and even odors that can trigger coughing, sneezing and other more serious health concerns. Large room air purifiers are especially popular as most people smoke or are exposed to smoke in living spaces instead of bedrooms and bathrooms. Count on air purifiers for smoke to greatly improve air quality in the affected rooms within as little as minutes.

These days, consumers want the best living room air purifiers on the market. Due to the emergence of a worldwide virus, we’ve added articles and product reviews for air purifiers for COVID. Check out large room air purifiers to provide an effective solution for more of your home. With home air purifiers, provide your family with cleaner, healthier air and a decreased risk of suffering mild to more serious symptoms.

Experts only consider the best living room air purifiers that use true-HEPA filters as their primary filter. Some air purifiers for allergies also have pre-filters and multiple filtration stages for even better cleaning of the air in your home.

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Discover how the best living room air purifiers with true-HEPA filters can remove over 99% of dust, dander, smoke and viral particles from your indoor air.

It’s important for the best living room air purifiers to remove virtually all the dust, dirt and dander in your living space. With quality air purifiers for allergies, you and your family members will be exposed to 99% less symptom-causing particles. We recommend that large room air purifiers are rated for the treatable space so that they aren’t too small or too big to work effectively. Air purifiers for pets will also remove airborne dirt and dander that comes in with pets and people and wreaks havoc on your system.

The best living room air purifiers are all well and good until you run into mold and mildew in bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. While air purifiers for allergies can be used for mold and mildew, you may also want purifiers that have pre-filters for catching larger particles that can cause both minor and serious symptoms. Read about home air purifier options to make sure the unit you choose is the right one for your health concerns.

We’re always on the hunt for the best living room air purifiers, which is why we put hundreds of brands and models through rigorous testing. We want consumers to feel confident about the purchase of air purifiers for allergies, asthma, smoke and regular old dust and dirt. Choosing small or large room air purifiers is the first step, but different purifiers have different kinds of filters. While we know the best air purifiers for dust and other particles are those that use true-HEPA filters, there are also other types of filters that can make a big difference in indoor air quality. Activated carbon filters are very effective in air purifiers for smoke and odors and can prolong the life of your HEPA filters – saving money and providing better health.

Before consumers invest in the best living room air purifiers, we urge you to peruse our site for articles, guides and product reviews. We want to take the confusion out of investing in air purifiers for allergies by breaking down the pros and cons of many of the market’s best units. From large room air purifiers for baby’s room to living room air purifiers for asthma, our experts will make recommendations you can trust. And in addition to home air purifiers information, we’ll provide consumers with plenty of tips and tricks for keeping harmful particles to a minimum in the first place.
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