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Product Review: Airpura V600

By Bianca Herron

While Airpura purifiers come with no Smart features and are on the higher-end price-wise, the company hasn’t become the best-selling brand in Canada for no reason. One of the company’s most popular units is the V600 air purifier, explicitly designed to eliminate odors, VOCs, chemicals, and more. This unit is perfect for those who have pets, those who live with someone who smokes, or even need help eliminating dust, animal dander, mold spores, and more.

Airpura prides itself on excellent customer service. This is why its dedicated customer service team is available to help customers find the suitable unit to meet their needs by walking them through its air quality solutions. An Airpura unit is the best bet if you have the budget for the premium brand. Airpura is a quality brand, providing excellent air quality solutions that help you and your family create a path to breathing healthier, cleaner air.

About Airpura

Airpura has earned a reputation for creating solutions that help people breathe cleaner, healthier air. One of the Canada-based company’s most popular product lines is the 600 series. This line features various models built with Airpura’s patented filtration system, which effectively captures 99.97 percent of airborne pollutants — such as smoke, allergens, and chemicals — as small as 0.3 microns.

Today, Airpura is a global company with manufacturing facilities in Laval and more than 100 distributors worldwide. This includes the United States, Canada, China, and Korea. Moreover, Airpura is committed to developing solutions that bring clean indoor air to people around the world. The company is also passionate about its belief that “clean air is a right, not a privilege.” It continuously works to help people live longer and healthier lives by creating quality air solutions.

Airpura V600 Review

The V600 Specific Chemicals is an eco-friendly air purifier that expertly cleans the air in large rooms, such as bedrooms and living rooms, up to 2,000 square feet. Its three-step filtration system features a pre-filter, an 18-pound carbon filter, and a 40-square-foot True HEPA filter. The True HEPA filter captures 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns. The V600 air purifier is an excellent solution for people who need to remove chemicals, smoke, heavy odors, or those suffering from allergies or asthma. The carbon filter can also remove smoke from cigarettes, cigars, and wood-burning stoves. Additionally, with its three fan speeds and quiet operation, you and your loved ones will not only breathe clean air but also won’t be disturbed when resting or spending quality time together.

Our Verdict

Airpura’s V600 air purifier is the best-bet solution for eliminating thousands of harmful airborne particles. This includes pet dander, odors, smoke, pollen, dust, mold spores, mildew, and more. Whether you want to create a healthier indoor air environment, live near wildfire smoke or agricultural areas, the V600 can improve your indoor air quality.

How to Use Airpura’s V600

You should have no problems opening and unboxing Airpura’s V600 air purifier. However, you may need help removing it from the box because of its weight at 45 pounds. After removing the unit from the box, it would help place it in the room with the highest number of airborne pollutants. Next, plug it into a power outlet. Before turning on your new Airpura T600 DLX air purifier, you must remove all wrapping from the unit, including the filters. Additionally, we recommend reading the user manual to understand the features that come with your air purifier and know how to operate it.


You can expect to pay between $100 to $1000 in the market for a quality air purifier today. You must understand that all air purifiers are not created the same. Although Airpura is a premium brand, its units are high-quality and durable despite the lack of innovative features and technology all air purifiers come with.

While the V600 is $799.99, you must factor in filter replacement costs. Although your initial air purifier purchase will include the proper filter, doing so will give you an idea about how much you’ll spend maintaining your purifier. As a result, you and your family will continue to breathe cleaner, healthier safe.


After reading dozens of online reviews, including Amazon and Sylvane, we found that most people who purchased Airpura’s V600 air purifier are satisfied. Many customers expressed their appreciation for the unit’s durability, quiet operation, and how it expertly eliminates harmful airborne particles such as allergens, smoke, and odors. On the other hand, some customers also expressed that the unit can be loud on higher fan settings, omits a smell, and poor customer service.

Customer Service and Reviews

Airpura is passionate about manufacturing the best air purification products on the market and providing its loyal customers with exceptional service. You can reach all customer service representatives via email at [email protected] and phone (866-505-7872) as well as (450-978-9020). You can also fill out and submit a “Contact Us” form on its website.

Additionally, Airpura’s 30-day return policy allows you to return any product that you’re not happy with. Your product must not be damaged, clean, and have all original packaging and user manuals. To begin your return, you must email [email protected] with your name, serial number, as well as the reason for your return. It would also be helpful to remember that your provided RA number must be visible on your return packaging.

Airpura V600 Customer Reviews:

I love this thing!

“I love this thing! Two years ago, we painted my house with low VOC paint. I aired the house out every chance I got. However, It still smelled like paint when I came into the house from the garage or outdoors. If I was out of town for a week and kept all the windows closed, the house always smelled “stale” when I came home. I ran the V600 for about a week at 60%, and the paint/stale smell was gone. I now run it on low setting, and my house smells “fresh” when I come in from the garage or outside. My neighbor came over the other day and remarked about how nice it smelled in my house.”

— Dun Runnin Airpura via Amazon

Thinking of getting another one!

“Using in our walkout basement, which we fully renovated last year. I got it for general air filtration and VOC removal since we have young kids and sensitive noses. It works well in its designated space- so well it makes other spaces feel less fresh – thinking of getting another one! No smell from the unit – tried several before this, and they were all off-gassing terribly! The one downside is it’s a little loud even on low – still worth it for us!”

— Kyla via Sylvane


Airpura’s V600 air purifier quietly and expertly cleans the air in rooms up to 2,000 square feet. As mentioned before, Airpura’s HEPASilent technology and state-of-the-art air features effectively remove harmful airborne pollutants. This includes pet dander, mold, smoke, odors, chemicals, and other allergens. Again, All of Airpura’s products allow you to benefit from HEPA Filtration, which captures up to 99.97 percent of harmful airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. While on the higher end of air purifiers, Airpura’s V600 is a best-bet solution for those who suffer from smoke, odors, chemicals, pet dander, and more.