Top 5 Air Purifiers for Bedrooms & Hepa Air Filter For Home

Best Air Purifiers For The Bedroom, Best Small Room Air Purifier & Hepa Air Filter For Home

Discover the Five Best Air Purifiers That Help You Live and Sleep Comfortably in Your Bedroom air filter for pet allergies from dogs

By Jaime Hart

You spend most of your day in your bedroom, sleeping or even working from home these days. If you’re sleeping or working in an unhealthy space with pollutants in the air, then you’re at risk of developing diseases and other health concerns. One of the best things to help you sleep is an air purifier that uses a HEPA filter to trap harmful air particles and activated carbon to adsorb odors, smoke, and chemicals. An air purifier’s benefits include reduced allergies, sleep help with low noise distractions, smoke particle reduction, odor elimination, and dust removal.

While at least 40 million Americans suffer from more than 70 different sleep disorders, it’s crucial to find a cost-effective solution. Many air purifiers offer low budget options and include features such as sleep modes to reduce distractions in your bedroom while sleeping. When wondering how much sleep you need, you should know that at least 7 hours is necessary for proper cognitive functioning and overall wellness. Ensuring a quality night’s sleep and clean air in your bedroom will significantly improve your mental and physical health.

In fact, air purifiers with a pink noise feature, such as the Alen BreatheSmart 45i, are a wise choice. According to WebMD, pink noise reduces distracting sounds that can interrupt your sleep, including loud talking, someone snoring, and even slamming doors. Pink noise instead provides low, relaxing background noise, not only helping you fall asleep faster, but also improving the depth of your sleep. Ultimately, choosing an air purifier that uses pink noise will allow you and your family to get the necessary rest needed to help you all feel more rested the coming day.

Tips and Key Takeaways

✓ Look for certified true HEPA filters and activated carbon if you want both particle and odor removal

✓ Find an air purifier that’s light and compact if you plan on traveling

✓ Check for a limited warranty

✓ Find an air purifier with a low decibel rating for quiet filtration and minimal noise distractions

✓ Don’t use an ozone or ionizer air purifier if you want less harmful impacts to the environment

✓ Double-check the product’s dimensions to make sure it fits in your bedroom

✓ Find an air purifier with 15 pounds or more of activated carbon if you live in a wildfire zone

✓ Double-check that the air purifier covers the square footage of your office