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It’s best to run air purifiers for pet dander continually to be the most effective in removing dust, dirt and pet dander from your home. Our expert panel recommends home air filters for your purifiers that are true HEPA filters. In animal air purifiers, HEPA filters are proven to remove over 99 percent of the offending particulates in your living space. With these air purifiers for living rooms, give yourself and your loved ones relief from symptoms like itchy eyes, scratchy throats and congestion.

Use the best air purifiers for pets that your budget will allow. These home air filters will be the first line of defense against the pet dander that causes irritation – both minor and more serious. Once you’ve started using animal air purifiers in your living and sleeping spaces, there are other steps you can take to relieve symptoms. Help air purifiers for living rooms and bedrooms do their job by placing rugs in front of doors that pets go in and out of, keep pets off upholstered furniture and invest in a good HEPA vacuum as well.

With the best air purifiers for pets, you can co-exist with your furry friends. Purifiers with HEPA home air filters will help you maintain good air quality, so your family members can breathe easy.

Tips for Indoor Pets

While people remove their shoes to avoid tracking things indoors, most dogs, cats, and birds do not wear shoes. When the weather turns cool, pets spend more time indoors, windows get closed, heating systems go on, fireplaces start burning, and indoor air quality goes down, down, down.

You can co-exist with your furry friends and maintain great indoor air quality by following these simple steps:

1. Regularly check your filters and especially your pre-filters, as they catch dust and dander to prolong the life of your HEPA filter.

2. Keep pets out of the bedroom, if possible. If your pet absolutely must sleep in the bedroom, discourage it from sleeping in your bed. Instead, encourage your pet to sleep on the floor; then, try to position your air purifier near its sleeping area.

3. Place rugs by your doors so that when your pet comes in and out of the home, its feet are wiped. Wash the rugs often.

4. Bathe your pets or have them groomed on a regular basis to remove allergens from their fur and skin. When brushing furry pets, have an air purifier running nearby on the highest setting.

5. Wash your hands immediately after handing your pets. Petting cats and then touching your eyes can immediately cause eye irritation.

6. Keeps pets off upholstered furniture, or buy synthetic/leather furniture that is easily wiped down. Vacuum upholstered furniture regularly.

7. Invest in a good HEPA vacuum and use it. When you vacuum, keep your air purifier close by and on the highest setting. This is especially important if you do not have a quality vacuum.

8. Keep your air purifiers running as much as possible to keep the air you breathe free of allergens.


Keep the best air purifiers for pets running continuously to improve poor air quality.

To recommend the best air purifiers for pets, we’ve assembled an expert panel of manufacturers and engineers. These experts in home air filters and purifiers will only consider units that have true-HEPA filters. That’s because HEPA animal air purifiers will most effectively remove over 99 percent of the harmful particulates in your home’s air. They’ll only recommend these air purifiers for living rooms based on performance and merit, and never on financial compensation.

Experts have tested the best air purifiers for pets on the market, including many brands and models and with differing technologies. Choosing quality home air filters and pre-filters can greatly increase the performance of home air purifiers. Animal air purifiers keep allergens that cause sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and congestion at bay. Keep loved ones healthier with air purifiers for living rooms, bedrooms and any other room your pets spend time in.