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Vornado air purifiers come highly recommended in a market of hundreds of brands and models. These carbon filter air purifiers absorb odors and trap larger particles to prolong the use of your primary HEPA filters. The difference between regular HEPA air purifiers and those that employ activated carbon is the odor, smoke and organic compound removal. When shopping for home air purifiers, it’s important to consider all the types of irritants you want to remove from your indoor air.

To rate and review Vornado air purifiers and many other brands of purifiers, we’ve assembled a panel of expert manufacturers and engineers. They know carbon filter air purifiers and what consumers want from their units – primarily that they’ll last for many uses to come. Our experts only consider HEPA air purifiers, as they are proven effective at removing over 99% of the dust, dirt and dander in your home. But for odors, smoke, tar and other chemical fumes, home air purifiers with activated carbon are your best bet.

Easy-to-use Vornado air purifiers get high marks from our panel of experts that know air purifiers. These carbon filter air purifiers will pre-filter larger particles to preserve primary HEPA filters and remove odors for cleaner, healthier air.

Precision engineering in Vornado air purifiers allows them to operate quietly but powerfully for uninterrupted sleep.

With units like Vornado air purifiers, you can address many health concerns and improve both health and wellness for your loved ones. When you use carbon filter air purifiers in your home or office, you are getting a powerful prefilter to trap larger particles and absorb odors. Carbon also prolongs HEPA-filters, so air purifiers will clean indoor air more effectively and longer between filter changes. Running these home air purifiers consistently will not only improve your quality of air but may also improve your quality of life.

Experts recommend units like Vornado air purifiers because they are high-performance air cleaners that will remove over 99% of the dust, dirt and dander in your home. By using carbon filters in air purifiers, they’ll remove smoke, odors and organic compounds that can cause all kinds of symptoms ranging from mild to more serious. Carbon filters and HEPA filters in air purifiers are a double threat to poor indoor air quality. With these home air purifiers, you and your family members will breathe cleaner air that is virtually free from irritants.

Vornado air purifiers come with a pre-filter two pack of filters that will help to prolong the life of the primary HEPA filter. And these carbon filters in air purifiers don’t even have to be washed; just switch them out every four to six months. While we only recommend HEPA air purifiers because of their efficacy, carbon filters are recommended for certain pollutants like odors, smoke and tar. Consider home air purifiers with carbon filters to give you the best overall clean from everything from pet odors to wildfire smoke.

To choose the best Vornado air purifiers for your space, there are several things to consider. Your carbon filter air purifiers should be rated for the amount of space you are trying to treat, so they will work most effectively. Carbon and HEPA air purifiers work best for removing the most symptom-causing particles. With bedroom home air purifiers, you may also want to consider units that have a sleep mode or that generate pink noise – some studies say they encourage better sleep.