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Run Vornado air purifiers consistently to remove dust, dirt, dander and odors from your living space or bedrooms. While HEPA air purifiers are highly recommended due to the fact that they’ll remove over 99% of particulates in your home, they won’t remove odors. To do that, carbon filter air purifiers are your best bet, and our experts will recommend these types of units based on their performance and merit – never on financial compensation. They generally choose the best air purifiers for odors from longstanding brands that have easy access to replacement parts and filters.

Absorption is what makes Vornado air purifiers so effective for odors, gases and chemical fumes removal. A combination of HEPA and carbon filter air purifiers will provide many health benefits by absorbing these particulates like a sponge. Count on carbon filter air purifiers to remove even the smallest of particles that can otherwise wreak havoc on your respiratory system. The best place for air purifiers for odors is in rooms where pets spend a lot of time, where there is secondhand smoke or in a place where you store chemical products.

High-performance Vornado air purifiers will filter everything from toxic gases and mold spores to pet dander and household chemicals. HEPA air purifiers that employ activated carbon filters can also make a significant impact for allergy-sufferers.

Vornado PCO300/500 Advanced Carbon Filter: MD1-0027

Includes one advanced carbon filter. This advanced carbon filter extends the life of the HEPA filter by trapping large particles before they reach the HEPA filter. The activated carbon also helps neutralize odors and organic compounds. There is no need to clean the carbon pre-filter, simply replace once per year! No tools are required to change the filter.

The dual-filter Vornado air purifiers use true-HEPA filters to remove dust, dirt and dander while the activated carbon removes odors, smoke and chemical fumes.

To recommend units like Vornado air purifiers, we’ve assembled a panel of experts in purifier manufacturing and engineering. Experts put hundreds of air purifier brands and models to the test to find the best units for the job. Carbon filter air purifiers rank among the most effective for all kinds of dirt and odors. With these best air purifiers for odors, say good-bye to particles like dust, dander, chemical fumes, secondhand smoke and volatile organic compounds – particles that can cause allergies, asthma attacks, poor sleeping habits and many other health concerns.

While Vornado air purifiers are highly effective at improving indoor air quality, they won’t replace your regular cleaning and vacuuming routine. These true-HEPA air purifiers will remove airborne particles, but there are many more particles that get ground into carpets and upholstery as well as build up on hard surfaces. Carbon filter air purifiers may not be necessary for everyday dirt, dust and dander. Our experts rate the best air purifiers for odors based on the types of matter consumers want to eliminate from their space.

The Vornado air purifiers will help with a variety of particulates. It’s true that HEPA air purifiers will remove dust, dirt, viruses and bacteria from your living space or bedrooms, but our experts often recommend activated carbon filters that will remove larger particles before they are passed on to your true-HEPA filter. Activated carbon filter air purifiers use chemical reactions to get dirty particles to stick to the filters surface. Read about our best air purifiers for odors to decide if Vornado purifiers are right for you.

Purifiers like Vornado air purifiers aren’t just our job; they are also our passion. We review hundreds of HEPA air purifiers with the sole purpose of helping consumers find better health and wellness. Whether you’re looking at carbon filter air purifiers or HEPA-only filter purifiers, you’ll find everything you need to know in hundreds of articles, buying guides and product reviews. Count on the best air purifiers for odors to make a significant improvement in your indoor air quality in as little as 30 minutes.