(Last Updated On: May 8, 2023)

Nail salons especially expose their customers to indoor air contaminated by chemical fumes and dust. To protect your business and customers, we advise installing an air purifier to help with your indoor air quality.

People are exposed to chemical fumes every day. Some have a sensitivity to particulates in the air and can experience chemical reactions when exposed to contaminated air. Certain air purifier models do a better job keeping air free of particles that can cause reactions. When contaminated air is trapped indoors to recirculate, it becomes more dangerous for those who with sensitivities to fumes. One must be cautious of the fumes present in public places, as chemicals can be easily exposed to the public just by entering a building.

Amy Johnson from Seattle, Washington encountered this very problem of chemicals in her nail salon business. Mrs. Johnson owns a nail salon in downtown Seattle, and since real estate in downtown Seattle is scarce and expensive, her salon is in tight quarters. The salon includes a small waiting room for customers and many booths and chairs for those customers having their nails done. In such a cramped space, the chemicals that are used at the booths easily become airborne and are inhaled by customers in the waiting room. In an effort to keep the air in her shop clean, Mrs. Johnson leaves her salon doors open, although the weather conditions in Seattle rarely cooperate. She received numerous complaints from her customers who were irritated by the smell of chemicals, such as those used to remove nail polish or to apply acrylic nails. She began losing many customers who could not tolerate the chemical fumes circulating throughout the salon.

Mrs. Johnson found the solution to save her salon with Austin Air’s Healthmate Junior Plus air purifiers. These air purifiers were Mrs. Johnson’s first choice for her salon because of the potassium iodide and activated carbon-zeolite compound. The added compound allows the air purifiers to absorb and eliminate odors and many organic chemicals from the air. After running the air purifier in her salon, nail polish and removal odors and other chemicals no longer posed a nuisance to customers in the waiting room. The air purifiers are equipped with a HEPA filter and a pre-filter, both of which are able to absorb particles and dust from the air. Unpleasant odors, as well as harmful airborne pollen and dust in the salon, are easily absorbed and eliminated by the powerful filter. Now, the salon’s indoor air circulates and exits the air purifier cleaner, safer, and fresher.

The unit was a wise choice for Mrs. Johnson’s salon due to the powerful airflow it can handle. The Healthmate Junior Plus air purifiers are designed with a high efficiency fan that can extract 200 cubic feet of air per minute. This unit can effectively clean the air in a room up to 700 square feet in size. The highly efficient fan can also be set on different speeds depending upon the amount of airflow that is required. Mrs. Johnson is able to set the unit to its highest speed when she knows there is an abundance of harmful chemicals in the air. She is also able to leave the machine on a low setting to work overnight, absorbing any cleaning odors or lingering chemical fumes from the day. When Mrs. Johnson now enters her salon in the morning, she finds the air clean, fresh, and completely odor-free. She shares, “air purifiers are truly a blessing.”

Mrs. Johnson now receives compliments from her customers on the delightful smell in her salon. Customers no longer leave the waiting room due to headaches and dizziness caused by chemical fumes from nail products. Her salon has now become a small space circulating clean and fresh air. With the help of air purifiers, Mrs. Johnson solved her huge problem with a small budget.