(Last Updated On: May 8, 2023)

Choosing an air purifier that’s right for your business is an important decision. Businesses and public places can expose customers and workers to an array of harmful chemicals or pollutants. The indoor air in many places contains toxins and odors that are unpleasant and even dangerous for people to breathe.

Choosing an air purifier to keep indoor air clean and safe for customers has become an increasingly popular decision for bar owners. There are many air purifiers on the market today that are designed with different filtering systems to target certain contaminants that may be present in the air. With thorough consideration, business owners can select the correct and most effective air purifier for their situation and business. The Allerair 5000 Vocarb is an efficiently designed air purifier that is the top choice for many businesses. The 5000 Vocarb can target many common contaminants in indoor air, making businesses and public places safer for the public to breathe.

Paul Reynolds of Boulder, Colorado owns an AllerAir for his business and has never been happier with the quality of his indoor air. Mr. Reynolds owns a bar that is a popular hangout for college students in town. Mr. Reynolds spends Friday and Saturday nights supervising at the bar to ensure everything runs smoothly, because these two nights of the week are the most popular and busiest nights for his business. Although his bar is successful, Mr. Reynolds has always looked for new ways to improve upon its success. After spending one full Friday night at the bar, Mr. Reynolds went home to sleep. When he awoke the next morning, he realized his throat felt tight and sore. His nose was stuffy and his clothes smelled of cigarette smoke. He realized that the smoke inside his bar was so thick, he was constantly breathing in the secondhand smoke and affecting his health. Since he was experiencing the unpleasant odor and side effects of the smoke, he knew that his customers were also experiencing the same. Mr. Reynolds decided that his next mission to increase the success of his bar was to strengthen the quality of the indoor air.

When choosing an air purifier, the 5000 Vocarb was Mr. Reynolds’ first choice for his bar. This model of air purifier is specifically designed to remove chemicals and odors from the air. The tobacco smoke in the confined area of the bar is no match for the air purifier. The 5000 Vocarb has been able to remove the smoke from the air, leaving it cleaner and healthier for the customers to breathe. Mr. Reynolds was able to choose the perfect color of model so that it would match and blend in with the surrounding walls instead of being an eyesore—something that was very important to him while choosing an air purifier. The unit can be left running overnight so that the bar smells fresh and clean by morning. Mr. Reynolds never has to worry about using too much energy to run the air purifier as it only uses 95 watts of power on the highest setting.

After using the Vocarb, Mr. Reynold’s bar is now the cleanest bar downtown. His business has grown due to the fact that smokers and non-smokers can enjoy the bar environment together. Customers have complimented Mr. Reynolds on his ability to keep the bar smelling so fresh and clean despite the smokers present in the bar each night. When Mr. Reynolds wakes up in the morning after a long night at the bar, he no longer experiences any reactions to tobacco smoke. Mr. Reynolds feels healthier breathing the air at his bar after purchasing the Vocarb. He knows that his customers also feel happier and healthier with cleaner and safer air inside the bar. The air purifier has made Mr. Reynold’s bar a safer and fresher environment for people to socialize in.