(Last Updated On: May 8, 2023)

A powerful air purifier for dust that is able to clean a large amount of square footage is very important in some situations. There are many manufacturing plants and large businesses that require an air purifier that is able to handle a large amount of space in little time. Air purifiers are very useful in order to keep the air indoors smelling fresh and clean.

air purifiers in shipping plant

Since air purifiers are able to destroy toxins, chemicals, and odors from indoor air, they are essential to many industries that deal with chemicals and odors on a daily basis. AllerAir’s 6000 Exec is a powerful model that is able to handle large square footage. There are many business owners and manufacturing plant owners that have found the 6000 Exec to be a perfect asset to their employees’ health and well-being.

A shipping plant in Omaha, Nebraska has benefited from the effectiveness and efficiency of AllerAir’s 6000 Exec air purifier for dust. Harry Richardson, the manager of the shipping plant, took pride in the proper treatment of his employees, always making sure his employees were healthy and happy in their working environment. The plant ships materials, including flour, hay, and bleach, for different companies. The employees of the plant load these materials onto trucks or dollies inside the plant and ready them to be shipped. With so many different chemicals, odors, and dust in the air, many employees complained of allergic symptoms while at work. Several of the employees mainly handled flour and hay, and as a result of the odor and dust, experienced watery eyes and a stuffy nose. The employees that were assigned to load the bleach onto the trucks also experienced unpleasant side effects, like itchy eyes and a sore throat from the exposure to chemicals and odors. All of the employees complained of dizziness and headaches due to the poor quality and circulation of the indoor air inside the shipping plant. Many employees took frequent breaks to walk outside in order to breathe fresh air. Because of the poor indoor air, some employees resorted to prescription allergy medicines from their doctors.

Since these alternatives did not remedy the air quality for the plant employees, Mr. Richardson knew he had to come up with a real solution to increase the quality of the indoor air. Finding an air purifier for dust that could handle the size of the shipping plant seemed impossible until Mr. Richardson found AllerAir’s 6000 Exec. This model of air purifier is able to clean a room that is 1800 square feet in size. The 6000 Exec was the perfect air purifier for dust in the shipping plant , because it cleans the air of toxins and particles, as well as odors and chemicals. The unit is able to release air that is fresh and pure. The 6000 Exec contains a HEPA filter and pre-filter. With these two powerful filters working together, the air that is filtered through the system is left clean and fresh, making it an ideal air purifier for dust in shipping plants & other large areas.

After purchasing the 6000 Exec air purifier and running it inside the shipping plant, employees have noticed a drastic difference in the quality of the air. The air inside the plant is no longer full of dust and odor. The employees who primarily dealt with the flour and hay no longer suffer symptoms of allergies. Those workers who were assigned to handle the bleach do not experience the annoying and unpleasant side effects of dealing with the chemical anymore. With the air purifier present in the plant, odors and dusts are easily absorbed and eliminated. The air that the employees are now exposed to is fresh and free of these contaminants. After purchasing the AllerAir 6000 Exec air purifier and seeing the effects it has had in his shipping plant, Mr. Richardson is proud of his investment and is confident that he made the right choice in air purifiers for dust.