(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

AllerAir’s 5000 Exec UV came in handy for the Fayetteville Nursing Home in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Carrie Anderson, director and administrator for the Fayetteville Home, knew that an air cleaner would be the best investment for the retirement home.

Germs present in indoor air are a problem that everyone should address. There are many bacteria and viruses that are present in the air that people are exposed to on a daily basis. With contaminated air, the probability of a sickness spreading is very high. The best way to keep indoor air clean and free from harmful bacteria is with an air purifier. AllerAir’s 5000 Exec UV is one model of air purifier that targets bacteria and viruses in indoor air. With the use of this model, many harmful contaminants are eliminated from the air including pollen, dust, and mold spores. The unit also includes an extra medium that is able to absorb and eliminate bacteria and viruses that may be present in the air. The 5000 Exec UV is a useful asset for quality indoor air for residences and businesses.

In the Fayetteville Nursing Home in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Carrie Anderson knew that an air cleaner would be the best investment for the retirement home. There is one particular room where the residents of the home spent most of their time. With so many people spending time in one room together, Carrie knows that there must be many bacteria and germs circulating throughout the air. The senior citizens that live in the home are also very sensitive to any dust or pollen that was present in the indoor air. Older people generally have weaker immune systems than younger people and react to certain contaminants more severely. If one resident of the home was sick, it was certain that after spending a day cooped up in the same room as the other residents, the other residents would also catch the sickness. The bacteria and dust particles in the room of the nursing home were causing problems for the senior citizens. The only way for them to be healthier and able to enjoy their day in the room together is if the indoor air was of higher quality.

Carrie invested in the 5000 Exec UV for its effectiveness and efficiency. The air purifier is able to clean a room that is 1500 square feet in size. Carrie is able to place the air purifier in the main room, and it can easily clean the large room in no time. The 5000 Exec UV contains the same filters as other effective air purifiers, able to remove particles, pollen, and dust from the air inside a room. The HEPA filter and pre-filter inside the air purifier absorbs and eliminates mold spores, particles, and odors from the air. Once the air has moved through these efficient filters, it is then moved to a UV lamp. The 10-watt UV lamp is able to eliminate the bacteria and viruses from the air that passes through it. The lamp is also able to trap and eliminate mold spores in the air and any other toxins that may have been missed by the pre-filter. With the technologies of the filters and the UV lamp combined, AllerAir’s 5000 Exec UV air purifier is able to eliminate most harmful contaminants from the air.

After running the 5000 Exec UV, Carrie has found that the residents of the nursing home do not get sick as often. When one resident suffers from a cold or virus, there is no longer a fear that other residents will subsequently catch the virus. The air inside the main room of the nursing home is more fresh and clean smelling. Since the unit only uses 95 watts of power when placed on the high setting, Carrie is able to run the unit overnight in the main room. With the unit running throughout the night, the morning air inside the main room is crisp and clean. The residents of the nursing home enter the main room and experience fresh and safe air. No longer is the indoor air full of toxins or contaminants that could cause allergic reactions or viruses to spread. Thanks to the 5000 Exec UV air purifier, the nursing home’s main room is much healthier for the residents and staff.