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5 Reasons to Use a Room Air Purifier in Your Bathroom

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By Bianca Herron

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Whether you live with family or not, you’re no stranger to the smells that can come from your bathroom. Whether it’s aerosol sprays, strong-smelling cleaning products such as bleach, bacteria on the showerhead, human-caused odors, or other common airborne pollutants, the air in your bathroom must be healthy and clean — especially for those with compromised immune systems. 

One of the best bathroom ideas to ensure that you and your loved ones are inhaling healthy air is to invest in a bathroom air purifier. Since bathrooms have a lot of moisture and steam from the shower and sink faucet, the room can quickly become a hotbed for mold, bacteria, and germs.  

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Air purifiers pull the smallest particles out of the air, capture them in a HEPA filter, and then push clean air back out. Running an air purifier can help you and your loved ones breathe healthier, cleaner air by eliminating up to 99 percent of harmful airborne particles that can trigger asthma and other allergens. This includes mold, mold spores, pet dander, dust, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and gases, and more.

At airpurifiers.com, your trusted resource for all things air purifiers, we understand you may not have the time to research air purifiers and the benefits. This is why we have researched for you. While there is a myriad of reasons to place an air purifier in your bathroom, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why you should.

How an Air Purifier Can Improve the Air Quality in Your Bathroom

Air purifiers come in many styles and sizes and feature various technology and smart features depending on the brand. When choosing an air purifier for your bathroom, it’s essential to pick one with an H13 HEPA filter or higher. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters, and they can remove at least 99.7 percent of dust, bacteria, mold, and more. Mold spores die inside the HEPA filter because the environment inside is dry. 

This means mold can’t reproduce due to needing moisture to thrive, and as we’ve already noted previously, the bathroom is a hot spot for humidity. An air purifier with an activated carbon filter is also beneficial. These filters adsorb chemicals, gases, and smoke such as tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, and more.

Additionally, when choosing an air purifier, it’s essential to consider the square footage of the room. A larger bathroom will require more out of your air purifier compared to a smaller one. It will help you familiarize yourself with the clean air delivery rate (CADR) when researching air purifiers. This is the best way to gauge how strong the air purifier will be for your space. A purifier with a lower CADR will struggle to purify the air in a large room. However, one with a higher CADR will effectively do its job.  

Moreover, it’s also vital that you take into account how often your bathroom is used, which will significantly impact the effectiveness of your air purifier. It would help if you considered how many people live in your home and how often they use the bathroom. The more bathroom usage, the more it will demand out of your air purifier. We suggest that you consider multiple air purifiers depending on the square footage of your bathroom.

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Here are Five Reasons Why You Should Have an Air Purifier in Your Bathroom:

  • Mold – If there’s a lot of moisture in your bathroom, get rid of it fast because it’s a breeding ground for mold. Mold needs moisture –– as well as oxygen and dimly lit areas — to grow. In fact, in the right conditions, mold can reproduce in 24 hours. Mold exposure can be dangerous for those with a mold allergy and even more severe for those with a comprised immune system. The right air purifier can help reduce or prevent black mold in your bathroom.
  • Odors – Typically, most people try to cover up any odors in their bathroom with scented sprays and air fresheners, which only go so far. These sprays only mask the smell and don’t fix the problem. Whether it’s a human-caused odor or downright a bad smell, an air purifier can effectively remove them.
  • Helps with Ventilation – If you don’t have a proper ventilation system in your bathroom, it can quickly turn into a stuffy, foul-smelling, moldy mess. Taking showers, washing your hands, and even flushing the toilet adds moisture to the air. Without a fan or ventilation, moisture will continue to build, which can lead to mold and mildew. An air purifier with a fan would be very beneficial in your bathroom. 
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  • Bacteria and Germs – Air purifiers can effectively eliminate bacteria and germs in your bathroom. Air purifiers that come with an ultraviolet light or H13 HEPA filter or higher are the best-bet solution. HEPA filters are well-known for trapping 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Help Keep the Room Fresh – There’s no easy way to put it — the bathroom can be a foul-smelling room. This is where an air purifier excels. No matter the cause, and especially if you have a busy bathroom, an air purifier is an excellent solution to ensure your small or large bathroom stays with a fresh scent. As a result, you can ensure that you and your loved ones continuously breathe clean, healthy air.
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