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5 Best Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Air Purifiers for Your Garage

Chances are, you have never heard of a volatile organic compound (VOC). Volatile organic compounds are all around us at every moment. However, we might not be aware of them until it is too late. Unlike most toxic compounds, volatile organic compounds do not emit an odor that will alert you when something is wrong or bad for you. Because of how sneaky and ubiquitous these compounds are, you need to be aware of what to look out for to keep your home and family safe, and you need to have just the right equipment to guard your family.

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7 Reasons to Run an Air Purifier in Your Garage

Most homes these days come with an attached garage. It’s become somewhat of an expectation that there should be an enclosed space for at least one vehicle for many homebuyers. But while it’s high on the list of considerations when we are buying a home – we don’t give the garage much thought after moving in. And we certainly aren’t thinking about the air quality inside of it. But should we be?
You may have one or more air purifiers in your home – but have you considered putting one in your garage? Chances are the answer is no. But if you’re worried about the air quality in your home, it’s worth giving more thought to the air quality in your garage.

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