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Definition of  air purifier:

a device that removes contaminating particles (such as dust, pollen, and dander) from the air. 

Today, there are hundreds of air purifier brands to choose from, and lots of features to understand. Manufacturers seem predisposed to making the category seem overly complex. Our goal is to get you thinking and to provide insights about how to select the right air purifier for your needs.  Hopefully, we will simplify the process for you.


Our Review Process

Our team of expert reviewers include manufacturers and engineers of air purifiers with more than 100 years of cumulative experience.  We understand the important things that make consumers happy with their purchase.  For example, most consumers understand room size, and the need to buy a unit capable of cleaning the size space that needs to be treated.  However, few understand the need to balance noise (loudness and type of noise… pink versus white noise).  This is critical decision to make, and often depends on what room is being addressed (bedroom, kids room, living room, etc.)  This may be subjective, but everyone needs to understand their  priorities before making a smart purchase.

All products on this site are independently selected and reviewed editorially. We do not put commercial interests in front of your trust and consumer confidence. We rank all products purely on their performance and overall merit, and are never influenced by any commission agreements. However if you choose to make a purchase using these links, we may earn commission, but that will never influence our ratings.


Mold Free Family

We primarily review and recommend only air purifiers, and per the above definition, they are devices that remove contaminating particles from the air. If you do not remove significant amounts of particulates, your device is NOT an air purifier.    To the average person this capability and expected minimal requirement.

We will occasionally comment on product categories adjacent to air purification such as sensors, air quality monitors, sterilizers, deodorizers, air fresheners, dehumidifiers etc.

Devices considered must have the following Safety and performance certification.   UL or ETL , as well as Energy Star and CARB ( California Air Resources Board) 

We know that many people keep using their Air Purifiers for many years, as such we lean towards recommending established and long running brands.  These companies have good customer service and as such replacement filters will remain available for years to come.  We lean towards companies that have been around awhile and have a proven ability to keep replacement parts/filters available. 


Today, there are hundreds of Brands to choose from, and lots of features to understand.  Manufacturers seem predisposed to making the category seem overly complex.   Our goal is to get you thinking and providing some insights that you might not have otherwise thought about.  Hopefully, our insights will simplify the process for you.

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