(Last Updated On: May 6, 2023)

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Introduction to Pets

We love our pets, but sometimes their dander can trigger miserable allergy symptoms. Air purifiers capture pet dander from your indoor air, helping you to control your pet allergy symptoms and pet odors. Are you looking for solutions for pet dander in your home or do you have a pet allergic to its environment? Here you can find information on pets and indoor air quality, see our recommended air purifiers for pet dander, and view air purifier buying advice


Recommended Air Purifiers for Pet Dander


Alen Fur Family Smart BundleAlen Fur Family Smart Bundle
The Alen Fur Family Smart Bundle is ideal for purifying medium sized spaces at whisper quiet levels. It is equipped with the OdorCell filter, a powerful pet odor remover in addition to removing airborne allergens and particles such as pet hair and pet dander.


Austin Air Pet Machine Air PurifierAustin Air Pet Machine Air Purifier
Austin Air Pet Machine is specifically engineered to safely remove pet odors and dander from the air without the use of ozone for areas up to 1,500 sq ft.



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Pets and Air Purifiers

Read the common air quality issues that arise from different pets and which pets create the worst offending allergens.