(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)
Air Purifier Austin Air Pet Machine Location Mystic, Connecticut

The Pet Machine air purifier is perfect for people with a house full of pets that they cannot live with, but more importantly, cannot live without. It can absorb and eliminate particles in the air that may trigger asthmatic or allergic attacks.

The Austin Air Pet Machine is a proven and effective air purifier. This air purifier uses a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, or HEPA filter. The Pet Machine has even more HEPA filter paper than other models to facilitate the capture of heavy particulate from pets. The Pet Machine also includes a special blend of carbon that can eliminate pet odors from the air. With the combination of significant HEPA filtration and blended carbon, the air exhausted from the Austin Air Pet Machine is free of toxins, particles, odors, and chemicals.

The Austin Air Pet Machine became a lifesaver for the Chestnut family in Mystic, Connecticut. The Chestnuts have three children and three dogs in a five-bedroom house. The dogs roam around the house and are considered part of the family. The Chestnut family’s youngest son, Michael, has mild allergies and the dog dander sometimes bring on allergic attacks. Previously, Michael would get a stuffy nose, watery eyes, and sneeze attacks when the dogs entered his room. Michael’s favorite dog, Bruno, follows him everywhere. Michael loves Bruno, but he is allergic to his pet dander. Michael used to have difficulty sleeping when Bruno was shedding and woke up in the mornings feeling groggy and tired. The Chestnuts knew there had to be some type of solution to Michael’s allergy problems.

The Chestnuts heard about the Austin Air Pet Machine from a family friend. They knew the price was right for how effective these air purifiers were, so they soon purchased two – one for Michael’s room and one for the family room, where Michael does his homework and plays with the dogs. The particles and pet dander that Michael is sensitive to are eliminated from the air. The HEPA filter also eliminates dust and pollen particles that may also be present in the air. These air purifiers are relatively compact, so one can be placed in the corner of Michael’s room without taking up much space. The unit is 23 inches in height and 14.5 inches square, making it an acceptable size for a child’s room. The Chestnuts were also able to select the perfect color of air purifier to match Michael’s room.

Once the Pet Machine was placed in Michael’s room running non-stop, he experienced a world of difference. His parents did not ban Bruno from Michael’s bedroom, but they did stop allowing him to sleep in Michael’s bed. The air inside Michael’s room is no longer full of pet dander and hair and is much cleaner. It no longer contains the harmful particles and dander that triggered Michael’s allergic reactions. Michael is able to sleep easier and more soundly, even with Bruno on his dog bed on the floor nearby. There are no more sneezing fits or stuffy noses. When Michael awakes in the morning, he now feels refreshed and rested. The Chestnut family has witnessed the positive change in Michael, and they know that the Austin Air Pet Machine was the best choice of air purifier for their family. Because of their terrific experience, they have shared their story with friends that air purifiers truly help.