(Last Updated On: March 28, 2023)

The key to addressing indoor air quality issues is removing the source of the pollutant or irritant. Finding the perfect air purifier for you means finding the one that removes your irritant.


Girl with Allergies

Top Rated Air Purifiers for Allergies

The results are in, and we have the 5 best air purifiers for allergies, based on effectiveness, efficiency, customer feedback, and value. Common allergen can wreak havoc on the immune system, but HEPA air purifier technology is proven to improve your indoor air quality and reduce allergy symptoms. End the sneezing and start breathing better today with the air purifiers that received the best anti-allergy ratings by our experts.

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Inhaler for Asthma

Top Rated Air Purifiers for Asthma

Because this respiratory condition inflames airways and obstructs airflow, it can make breathing difficult and painful. The top 5 asthma air purifiers, based on our expert ratings, are proven to capture harmful airborne particles and chemicals that can trigger asthma symptoms, creating a cleaner and safer environment. An investment in clean indoor air may be an investment in your health.

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Top Rated Air Purifiers for Mold

Many people don’t realize mold in their homes or offices can be contributing to their asthma problems, allergy symptoms, and poor health. Mold is a real issue that can cause health problems. The right air purifier can help. See top air purifier ratings, based on their ability to control mold.

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Bouquet of Spring Flowers

Top Rated Air Purifiers for Pet Dander

For animal lovers who suffer from asthma or allergies, breathing can be a struggle. HEPA air purifiers are proven to capture airborne particulates, like pet dander, so you can enjoy your furry family member. Whether cat, dog, bird, or hamster, pets shed and contribute to indoor air pollution. Learn which air purifiers received top ratings for their ability to prevent man’s best friend from becoming an asthmatic’s worst nightmare.

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Cigarette Smoke

Top Rated Air Purifiers for Smoke

While eliminating the source of smoke is the best method of maintaining clean indoor air, HEPA air purifiers can greatly reduce smoke and secondhand smoke in your living space. The key to effectiveness is HEPA style filtration to capture smoke particles and activated carbon to get rid of odor. Based on customer feedback and testing by our product experts, here are the best of the best – the air purifiers that receive the best ratings for cigarette smoke removal.

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