(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

The Blueair ECO10 HEPA air purifiers have a low cost of ownership, while maintaining the strict air quality standards we have come to expect from Blueair. Ideal for combating allergy and asthma symptoms, the Blueair ECO10 air purifiers remove dust, pollen and other indoor pollution with minimal impact to the environment. With a slightly higher initial price, the ECO10 will typically save $190 per year just in power costs. Blueair, the innovative company that declared “clean air a human right”, when it developed its super-quiet, highly efficient and effective air purifier line in 1996, is again leading the industry in the creation of a truly remarkable product with sustainability at its core. It meets the three “E’s” of sustainability head-on: Ecological, Economical, Eco-friendly. However, the ECO10 does not sacrifice effectiveness in its aim for high sustainability standards. There are five air exchanges per hour with this air purifier.

Everyone is worried about the impact our life choices make on the environment. Through the use of a dramatically efficient motor, ECO10 air purifiers from Blueair use only 10 watts (approximately the power used for a night light) to move 250 cubic feet of air per minute. The Blueair ECO10 has the Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star program’s highest rating – a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) per watt ratio of 19.5. As with all Blueair products, no ozone by-products are emitted by the ECO10, thus it is entirely safe to use.

The floor-level air intakes on either side of the Blueair ECO10 have pre-filters that remove large contamination before it can clog the main filter (such as hair, and large pieces of dust and dander). The intakes are very easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. After the air exits the fan compartment, it is moved through three ECO10 polypropylene filters which can not only be vacuumed, but are also fully recyclable. Typically the HEPA-rated ECO10 air purifier’s polypropylene filters will last for a full year. The new design of the Blueair ECO10, incorporating elements that can be vacuumed, with the changeable filters further enhance the value and longevity of the air purifier.

Although the Blueair ECO10 air purifier is “green” as far as its environmental impact goes, it still has the patented HEPASilent technology for which Blueair has become renowned. Because of their superior airflow design, which diffuses air through an area much larger than commensurate air purifiers, the Blueair products move air more quietly. Thus the ECO10 is a perfect office and bedroom model, where quietness is appreciated

The Blueair Eco10 air purifier is designed for a small to medium size room of 300 square feet. That would be a room about 15 feet x 20 feet in size. The ECO10 has polypropylene Particle Filters which are ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, but it does not have activated carbon for chemicals and odors. People with chemical sensitivity would be better served by a Blueair 503 or 603 which have activated carbon as well as HEPA. The ECO10 will do an excellent job capturing the tiniest of airborne particles, extremely quietly and efficiently. It’s the perfect air purifier for a home office where quiet and cost savings are high priorities.

Important Features:

  • Unit includes recyclable HEPA Filter
  • Covers up to 300 square feet, removing 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and greater
  • Includes Blueair’s 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping