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Company Review: IQAir

IQAir Helps You Create a Healthier Indoor Air Environment with High-Quality HEPA Air Purifiers that are Top-Performing and Efficient

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By Bianca Herron

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the most effective way to improve your indoor air is to remove harmful airborne pollutants and ventilation. The EPA also recommends air purifiers as a source of relief. This is where IQAir excels in the competition. No matter which air purifier you choose  including the HealthPro Plus or G.C. MultiGas — you can be confident the Swiss-based companys air purifiers are what you and your family need to breathe healthier, cleaner air at home.  

Many of IQAirs units come with a HyperHEPA filter capable of removing particles 100 times smaller than a typical HEPA filter, making them a best-bet for eliminating harmful airborne pollutants. Whether you are a first-time air purifier buyer or need an air purifier for your large living room or a smaller unit for your bedroom, IQAir offers many air purifiers to meet your needs. 


About IQAir

Nearly 60 years ago in Germany, brothers Manfred and Klaus Hammes founded IQAir after creating a filter for residential coal ovens to reduce dust. As asthma suffers, Manfred Hammes noticed it had reduced his flare-ups, and the brothers decided to keep working on the product. According to Wikipedia, through the 1960s and 1970s, Klaus Hammes continued to adapt the filter for radiators, forced-air heating and cooling systems, and baseboard heating.  

Today, IQAir is a Swiss-based air quality technology company that manufactures air cleaning and air quality monitoring products. IQAir is passionate about creating awareness about healthy indoor air and providing simple solutions that help people make healthy, safe living and working environments.  

The company has continued to carve out its lane in the industry with exceptional products manufactured in-house, growing to 500 employees worldwide with markets in China, Germany, North America, the Middle East, and Asia.  

IQAir believes in working with organizations that are also passionate about creating healthy indoor air environments. Since its founding, IQAir has worked with several recognizable organizations, including UN-Habitat, Greenpeace, United Nations Environmental Program, Collaborative for High-Performance Schools, and more.  

As a result, through its products, the air quality technology company has helped schools protect children from harmful airborne pollutants, medical staff and patients in the medical field from viruses and diseases, and families worldwide breathe healthier cleaner air.  

Ultimately, IQAir believes that working together is one way to effect change and fight against air pollution. Other meaningful avenues also include information and technology, which can help create a better path to quality indoor air and live better lives.  

Overall Rating


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True HEPA air purifiers

High CADR ratings

Durable filters

10-year warranty


Purifiers can be noisy on higher fan speeds

Units are a bit heavy

Key Takeaways

  • Nearly 60-year-old company  
  • Triple-seal Technology 
  • HyperHEPA filters 


IQAir has continued to carve out its own lane in the industry with exceptional products that are manufactured in-house. The majority of online customers review we found stated they were happy with IQAirs air purifiers because they saw a reduction in sinuses, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions. Many also stated how pleased the unit expertly purified the air in their environment. On the other hand, some online customer reviews stated issues with the unit being noisy 

Features and Services

The features that IQAir offers with air purifiers include improved performance, health, and innovation. Most IQAir products allow you to benefit from technology, including 3D UltraSeal.

Energy Efficiency

The features that IQAir offers with air purifiers include improved performance, health, and innovation. Most IQAir products allow you to benefit from technology, including 3D UltraSeal. Internal leakage can reduce the efficiency of most air cleaners. However, IQAirs air purifiers feature patented triple sealing technology to maximize total efficiency.

Customer Support & Reviews

IQAir is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. You can reach the companys dedicated customer support team via live chat on IQAirs online Support” page, phone (866-488-1918), and by mail. We have read through dozens of customer service online reviews for IQAir. Overall, the air quality technology company has received positive, positive reviews. Although IQAir is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company maintains an A rating on the business site with only ten complaints in the last three years.  

The majority of online customer reviews stated they were happy with IQAirs air purifiers because they saw a reduction in sinuses, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions. Many also said how pleased the unit expertly purified the air in his or her environment. On the other hand, some online customer reviews stated issues with the unit being noisy and poor customer service. 

HealthPro Plus
Air Purifier

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IQAir Customer Reviews:

This is a beautiful air purifier.

This is a beautiful air purifier. I’ve had it constantly running since I received it a couple of weeks ago. It started making a big difference in a couple of days. My allergy symptoms have virtually disappeared (indoors at least). It is removing the pollen, dust, and mold from the air in my home. I can see the difference with the dust, and I can feel the difference with the other allergens. The gas/odor filter also works very well. A neighbor’s cooking smells are often unpleasant and strong — this filter made them disappear. The unit is very quiet on the middle and lower speeds and not bad on the higher speeds. This Swiss-made air purifier appears to be very well made. The materials and construction appear to be high quality. It is an expensive item, but if you live in a region with year-round pollen, dust, and mold, and you are allergic to it all, this is definitely worth the investment.  

— Deltakw via Amazon  

You genuinely dont know how dirty your air is until you use an air purifier that works!

You genuinely dont know how dirty your air is until you use an air purifier that works! 

I am an owner of 5 Macaw parrots. They produce so much dander it became a massive problem for me. My eyes and throat were always irritated, and I was constantly sneezing. My Macaws have a susceptible immune system. They are receptacles to sinus infections, respiratory infections, etc. I read an air purifier with a HEPA filter would help. I saw many recommendations for IQAir systems on bird sanctuary blogs and F.B. groups. I have five birds. I opted for the IQAir G.C. Multigas, the system with more carbon for gasses and odors. I figured with the construction we are doing in our home, this model would be the best one for everything. 

The IQAir came well packaged, double boxed with detailed information on how to get the best performance out of it. The system came with a remote, long cord (thank goodness), and castors made it easier for me to move it around. There is no guessing when to change the filters. The lights on the face of the system change colors when its time to change them. After having the IQAir in my home for only one week, I have noticed a considerable difference. The flying particles have dramatically decreased, my allergies are under control, it was all worth it. I dont even smell the dander anymore; if you are a bird owner, you know what I mean. Not only am I now protected from harmful particles and allergens, but my babies (Macaws) are also breathing the best cleanest air possible. The IQAir G.C. Multigas is a well-made system, and the technology is outstanding! I would recommend this product to all bird owners and allergy sufferers. I finally can enjoy my new home.  

— M & M via Amazon   

We’re coming up on a year since I started this inquiry and paid the fee.

I’m still waiting on IQAir to provide the contract/agreement and an agreed-upon cost for the in-home air-conditioning filtration unit installation. A sub-contractor rep came out in March 2020 to do the air quality test, claimed he’d have the unit in 2 weeks…I understand the illness and this mess everyone is dealing with, but he’s well now and wanted to install. However, IQAir personnel have yet to provide what any homeowner would expect when purchasing an item to be installed within their home’s operating system for air/heat; it’s called a contract that spells out the terms and conditions, cost, etc. We’re coming up on a year since I started this inquiry and paid the fee. I’m hoping someone at IQAir, maybe in Switzerland, will now see how things are being handled in the U.S., particularly between your California office and a customer in Florida. John ***** and Will****** (contractor in Tampa area) will know who this is from Melbourne, Florida and have my contact information. 

— Gail A. via Better Business Bureau  

Costs for IQAir Air Purifiers

Due to its extensive product line and variety in air purifiers, IQAir provides a range of air purifiers that can fit everyone’s budget. While you can get a quality air purifier between $100 to $1,000, IQAir is one of the higher brands with products ranges from $399 to $2500. While the companys and competitors’ prices are somewhat aligned, no other brand comes close to the technology and high-quality of IQAirs products.  

The best part? If you cannot pay upfront for one of IQAirs products, you can take advantage of financing options. You can finance your air purifier — choose between three, six, and 12 months — with Affirm’s monthly paymentswhich apply to orders over $250. 

Additionally, with IQAirs air purifiers, you dont have to worry about sacrificing quality or style. For instance, you can choose IQAirs Klaus, which interior designers love because of the combination of style and the HealthPro Plus built-in. The HealthPro Plus is also a best-seller and combats airborne pollutants such as allergies, bacteria, dust, and more.  


IQAir is committed to manufacturing the best air purifiers in the world. This is also why IQAir backs its high-quality indoor air cleaners with a simple understanding of the two-year warranty. IQAir takes things a step further by guaranteeing that its units either meet or exceed its quality guarantee.  Additionally, IQAir ensures that your IQAir purifier will not have any defects. If you find you have received a defective unit, IQAir will either fix or replace it at no additional cost to you.  

To receive these benefits, you must register your product and activate your warranty online. Simply go to IQAirs online Support Page” on its website to fill out the warranty form within 30 days of purchase to be eligible. The warranty form is easy to fill out, so you should not need help filling it out.  

Also, please note that IQAir limited warranties apply only to IQAir products purchased in North America either directly from IQAir or an IQAir Authorized Dealer. 

IQAir Air Purifier Products

IQAir classifies its products into four series: HealthPro, GC and GCX, Klaus, and Atem Desk. The HealthPro Compact is the best low-cost, energy-efficient air purifier in the HealthPro series, while the best-selling HealthPro Plus has received many positive reviews on Amazon. Ultimately, all of the units in this series are best-bets for eliminating dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, odors, chemicals, and more. How so? All companies in the IQAir HealthPro Series include HyperHEPA filters, which are the best for eliminating ultra-fine harmful airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.  

In the G.C. and GCX series, you will find several top-of-the-line air purifiers to help eliminate indoor gases, odors, chemicals, solvents, ammonia compounds, and more. This includes the G.C. MultiGas, which outshines the competition when removing these pollutants with four gas-phase filter cartridges. These cartridges contain up to 12 pounds of activated carbon, designed to preserve the maximum number of micropores and absorb a high level of gases and odors in the home. 

No matter what you are looking for, IQAir offers a wide range of air purifiers that can fit anyone’s specific needs. Most importantly, no matter the unit you select, you can be confident that you and your loved ones will not only breathe healthier, cleaner air but also maintain a high quality of life.  

IQAir Product Line at a Glance:

IQAir HealthPro Series
IQAir G.C. and GCX Series

Placement For Your IQAir Air Purifier

Since air purifiers are designed for use in one room only, it can be hard to decide in which room to place your unit. If you have yet to decide, please dont worry! All room sizes can benefit from cleaner air if the indoor air cleaner is the right size for the rooms coverage area. For example, if the room youd like to place your unit in is 800 square feet, please choose an air purifier that has a coverage area of at least 800 square feet. If you do not, you wont get the full benefits of the unit.  

The HealthPro Plus is best for large living rooms, bedrooms, and offices up to 1,125 square feet, while the G.C. MultiGas eliminates gaseous organic and inorganic materials in rooms up to 1,125 square feet. If you need a unit for a smaller space, the HealthPro Compact is a wise choice.  

The Bottom Line

No matter which IQAir purifier you choose  including the G.C. MultiGas or the HealthPro Plus— you can be confident that the unit will help you and your family create a healthier, cleaner indoor air environment at home. IQAirs purifiers feature a HyperHEPA filter capable of removing particles 100 times smaller than a typical HEPA filter. This makes IQAirs purifiers the best-bet for eliminating harmful airborne pollutants. Ultimately, with indoor air quality more important than ever, IQAir has the purifiers you need to keep you and your family healthy and safe. Even better, IQAir offers a myriad of purifiers to meet your needs. Whether you need a unit for your office, bedroom, living room, or kitchen, IQAir has something for everyone at an affordable price point.