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 Product Review: Alen BreatheSmart 45i

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Alen is a company based in Austin, Texas, that’s been manufacturing air purifiers and filters since 2005. It considers itself an innovator in the air purifier industry. Its mission is to improve its customers’ quality of life by making the best air purification products possible. The company prides itself on being responsive to its customers by promptly addressing online questions and complaints and providing solutions to any problems that may arise with its products.

Alen also believes in giving back to its community. It has raised money for local animal shelters and donated meals to those in need. And during the COVID pandemic, Alen has donated air purifiers to hospitals and schools and helped get businesses and state governments safely back to work.

The BreatheSmart 45i True HEPA Air Purifier is one of Alen’s best sellers and is designed for medium to large-sized rooms, including bedrooms and common areas. It has a coverage area of up to 800 square feet and will clean the air in the room where it is located every 30 minutes on its highest setting. The Alen 45i is also one of the quietest air purifiers you can buy today. With a 49db rating, it’s slightly quieter than rain on a rainy day.

decibel scale

This air purifier is a quiet machine that generates soothing ‘pink noise’ on all four-speed settings. The BreatheSmart 45i was the first air purifier to earn validation from SleepScore Labs, a company whose mission is to offer solutions that help people sleep better. This machine has proven to help you achieve better sleep results.

The BreatheSmart 45i has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 245. Consumer Reports recommends purchasing an air purifier with a CADR of 240 or better to provide maximum benefits for you and your family.

The BreatheSmart 45i is energy efficient and is Energy Star certified. The air purifier’s advanced particle sensor technology continually monitors air quality. It has five color-coded LED rings to let you know how clean or dirty the air is in your home. The machine will automatically adjust its speed based on the purification needs.

The BreatheSmart 45i uses true medical-grade HEPA filters, which remove 99.99 percent of the air’s irritants and contaminants, including dust, pet dander, pollen, and other common allergens, as well as the smallest virus droplets. Alen’s air purifier filters are also equipped with proprietary antibacterial treatment to kill bacteria and mold. There are four filter options to choose from. Each comes with a HEPA filter and pre-filter.

Pure Filter

  • The Pure Filter uses a True HEPA filter with antibacterial properties. It’s designed to remove dust, mold, bacteria, germs, and many of the most common airborne allergens.

Fresh Filter

  • The Fresh Filter uses a True HEPA filter with antibacterial properties. It’s designed to remove the most common airborne allergies, mold, dust, bacteria, germs, smoke, cooking odors, and gas emissions.

OdorCell Filter

  • The OdorCell Filter is a True HEPA filter with antibacterial properties and an odor neutralizer. It’s designed to remove dust, the most common airborne allergens, pet and diaper odors.

Heavy Smoke Filter

  • The Heavy Smoke Filter is a True HEPA filter with antibacterial properties. It comes with more than two pounds of activated carbon designed to absorb chemicals and smoke from the air.


For best results, it’s recommended that you use only Alen-branded filters with the BreatheSmart 45i. If you use the air purifier correctly and run it 24 hours a day, you will need to replace the filters every nine to 12 months.

The BreatheSmart 45i comes with an optional ionizer. Ionizers work well with HEPA filters and are designed to clump together the smallest particles that HEPA filters aren’t able to trap by themselves. Ionizers do create ozone which can be unhealthy to breathe and damage the lungs even in small quantities. Alen says the BreatheSmart 45i does not let off any ozone when the ionizer is disengaged and less than 0.001 PPM (parts per million) when it is engaged. The EPA’s public health standard ((https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/ozone-generators-are-sold-air-cleaners)) for ozone inhalation is 0.08 PPM over eight hours.

Alen believes in its products’ quality so much it offers the industry’s first and only lifetime warranty. For the warranty to be active, you have to register the product with Alen and have an active filter replacement subscription. By following those requirements, the company will work with you to solve and repair any malfunctions or completely replace your BreatheSmart 45i for free.

Alen also has a 60 Day Love It, or Return It promise. If you purchase an air purifier from Alen’s website and decide you aren’t satisfied, you can return it for a full refund within 60 days.

Alen BreatheSmart 45i Customer Reviews:

I love having these!

“I bought two of these directly from Alen around 6 weeks ago. I have 3 cats and one dog in an 1100 sq foot town home. I love having these! They keep hair and small dust out of the air and any time I cook (I do a lot of high heat wok and Indian cooking) it clears the smoke and smell within 30 minutes! The noise on high is noticeably loud in the bedroom so I keep it on 3/4 and the one in the living room I keep on turbo (4/4) all the time. It is a relaxing, methodical, low pink noise that I actually enjoy having at night. As a note, the filters for this are the same as the “Flex” filter by Alen.”

Amazon Customer via Amazon

Already thinking of buying one for my rooms upstairs

I bought this 3/27/19. I Intentionally waited to give it a review because I wanted to see it if worked. I got this for my basement that always has a musty oder to it and I have severe allergies! I love it. Not only is the smell gone in my basement but Im breathing better. The indicator on the unit that tells you what the air quality is my favorite part, bc it lets me know its working. I have it set on auto so it senses when it needs to come on. Already thinking of buying one for my rooms upstairs.

— Jessica via Amazon

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