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 Product Review: Blueair Blue Pure 311

air filter for pet allergies from dogs

By Bianca Herron

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If you’re looking for an air purifier to enhance your and your family’s indoor air quality, a Blueair purifier is an excellent choice. Since its founding, Blueair has continued to carve out its line in the air purification industry. The company currently manufactures 18 air purifiers that are high-quality and durable, including the Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto. This popular unit is best for medium rooms such as bedrooms and offices up to 388 square feet. Ultimately, the products Blueair offers give you high-performance air purifiers at an affordable price. Complemented with exceptional customer service, you and your family will feel safe and protected in the place that matters most: home.


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Blueair believes that the ability to breathe freely is a fundamental human right. The Blueair air purifier was created by bringing together talented designers and filtration experts who shared a passion for sustainability, efficiency, and design. People in more than 60 countries worldwide benefit from Blueair’s award-winning air purifiers, which combine efficiency and tranquility with timeless Scandinavian architecture.

Additionally, Blueair has not only been a proud member of the Unilever family brand since 2016, but the company is also passionate about helping the environment and providing eco-friendly air purifier products. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded Blueair the Energy Star award in 2004 for its air purifiers manufactured in the United States. Moreover, Blueair prides itself on giving back to the communities its serves. Along with its time and high-quality products, Blueair has donated more than $1 million to charitable groups in 2020.

The Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto air purifier cleans the air in rooms — including bedrooms, living rooms, offices, basements, and more — up to 388 square feet nearly five times every hour. With Intuitive Auto mode, you and your loved ones will consistently breathe clean air. The method automatically adjusts to real-time conditions to ensure your indoor air quality remains healthy and clean.

Blueair’s three-step filtration system features a combination particle plus carbon filter, as well as the company’s HEPASilent technology. As a result, the 311 Auto air purifier removes up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns. This includes dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, and more. Additionally, low noise and energy consumption cleans the air at a whisper-like level. The LED display keeps you updated about your air quality with automatic color changes indicating whether it’s good, moderate, or poor.

Moreover, the washable prefilter comes in five colors and captures large airborne particles, and helps extend the primary filter’s life. Ultimately, Blueair’s Blue Pure 311 Auto is a smart choice for those who suffer from allergies and the bothersome symptoms that come along with it.  This includes coughing, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, congestion, and trouble sleeping. At just under $250, the Blueair Blue Pure 311 is easy-to-use, Energy Star-certified, and was ranked as one of the top air purifiers of 2020 by Wirecutter, a trusted online product recommendation service.

The Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto is an excellent choice if you or a family member suffers from pollen, smoke, dust, and other allergens. Although the unit only comes in one color, White, the Blueair Blue Pure 311 can fit with any decor. It also runs quietly and is energy-efficient. This means it won’t disturb your sleep or interrupt when you’re watching your favorite TV show or program.

It is easy to open and unbox Blueair’s Blue Pure 311 Auto air purifier, and you should not retire any help removing the unit from the box because it weighs less than 12 pounds. After removing the unit from the box, it would help you place it in the room with the highest airborne pollutants. Next, plug it into a power outlet. Before powering on your new 311 Auto air purifier, you must remove all wrapping from the unit, including the filters. It’s also equally important that you read the user manual to understand the features that come with your air purifier and know how to operate it.

Additionally, be sure to download the Blueair App. Follow the instructions on the mobile app to connect your unit. After you complete this, you should be able to control your unit from the app.

Due to an extensive product line and variety in air purifiers from Blueair, there’s an air purifier that can fit anyone’s budget. Blueair offers many products within $100 to $1000, which is the typical price range for a quality air purifier in today’s market. If you can’t pay outright for one of Blueair’s products, you can take advantage of financing options. You can buy an air purifier with Affirm’s monthly payments, which applies to orders over $50.

Blueair develops and manufactures some of the best air purification systems on the market today. With various models to suit a variety of spaces, there’s a Blueair purifier that’s perfect for you. The overwhelmingly positive reviews we found online are an excellent indicator of the quality of the brand. Blueair’s purifiers, like any quality air purifier, are in the premium price range. However, you will not regret buying these high-quality, high-performance air purifiers.

Blueair has a helpful support team that you can reach by phone (888-258-3247) and email ([email protected]). Even better, you can breathe easy with Blueair’s 60-day return policy, which allows you to return any product you’re not happy with, and the return is free. Blueair will replace a faulty unit at no cost to you and refund any shipping costs within the first thirty (30) days of purchase. There are no refunds for delivery, storage, or processing fees. 

Customers can also benefit from free shipping when purchasing an air purifier from Blueair. In most states, orders ship for free and arrive within five business days. Alaska and Hawaii may be subject to additional fees. Additionally, for refunds and returns, proof of purchase is needed. Blueair Returns Center will process refunds on approved returned units within sixty (60) days of receipt. You must show that Blueair Returns Center received the returned product via Proof of Delivery (POD).

Blueair Blue Pure 311 Customer Reviews:

This device has been great; no more stink in my office.

My new WFH office is in a partially underground room. The room would get a weird basement smell; after a lot of research, only a few types of air purifiers remove this type of smell. This device has been great; no more stink in my office. The device is super quiet and works; I do not know it is on except for the light and the lack of smell. I only had a faint chemical smell for the first 10 minutes I ran it, YMMV. I would completely recommend this device.”

 — T. Nowaczyk via Amazon  

The 311 Auto is the perfect size!

“The 311 Auto is the perfect size for a larger bedroom or home office. This model bridges the gap between the 411 and 211 models very nicely and is the perfect size for my space with a smaller footprint than the 211, which was slightly too large for the room I am using the air purifier. This one is essentially a larger 411 with also the new Auto feature. The new AUTO feature is quite nice in that it will automatically go to a higher fan speed when it detects pollutants in the room. I also really like the new prefilters, they have a textured look now, which is more attractive, and they added a Navy color, which is something that I am quite happy about.”

— Media hound via Amazon

The Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto air purifier quietly and effectively cleans the air in rooms up to 388 square feet. As mentioned before, Blueair’s HEPASilent technology and state-of-the-art air features effectively remove harmful airborne pollutants. This includes pet dander mold, smoke, and other allergens. When you purchase a Blueair purifier, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that Blueair cares about the environment and dedicates time to philanthropic efforts. Ultimately, with proven results and happy customers, you can feel more at ease knowing that Blueair not only works to provide quality indoor air solutions that protect the health of you and your loved ones.

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