(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

The Vornado Purio Air Purifier uses a prefilter, Activated Carbon filter, and HEPA filter to clean your baby’s air. The pre-filter traps larger particles such as hair. Then the Activated Carbon filter attacks odors. Finally, the HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne contaminants from the air.  

The Vornado Air Purifier weighs approximately 7 pounds and has a broad base to prevent tipping. Both the controls and the filter panel have locks to keep your curious baby from changing the settings or getting inside the air purifier. The air purifier is designed with no sharp edges or pinch points to protect your baby’s fingers, and excess power cord can be stored and hidden inside the unit. The higher fan settings can be used for white noise, or “sleepy time” mode can automatically quiet the air purifier in low-light settings.

 Important Features:

  • Unit includes prefilter, Activated Carbon filter, and HEPA filter
  • Covers up to 125 square feet
  • Includes a 5 year limited warranty
  • Simple touch controls
  • “Sleepy Time” mode
  • Control panel lock
  • Front filter panel lock
  • Large base prevents toppling
  • No pinch-points
  • Indicator lights remind you to change the filters