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What is CFM?

CFM stands for “Cubic Feet per Minute,” and it’s a measure of the amount of air that an air purifier can move through its filter in one minute. In other words, it’s a measurement of the purifier’s airflow capacity.

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What is CADR Rating?

CADR ratings measure the performance of air purifiers and is based on the number of particles removed per minute by the device. This rating system is used to give consumers an indication of how effective a product is at removing particulate matter from the air.

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Best Ways To Use An Air Purifier

Air pollution has been linked to a variety of health concerns and conditions. We know that it contributes to respiratory issues, heart disease and lung cancer. But now there is growing research that it may have some effect on Parkinson’s Disease.

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Understanding Air Purifier Technology

If you’ve done any shopping for an air purifier, then you know there are plenty of brands, options and features available. Narrowing down the list to find the one that’s right for you can seem a little overwhelming. In this article, we help you understand the different types of air purifier technology so you can make the best choice for your needs.

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HEPA Is Key For Air Purifiers

Chances are good, if you’ve done any research or shopped for an air purifier, you’ve encountered the term HEPA in reference to the filters. Most air purifiers use HEPA technology in their filter system because it has been proven to be the most effective tool in cleaning impurities out of the air.

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