(Last Updated On: May 8, 2023)

Whether you have a baby or a business, air purifiers have improved the lives of people like you.


mature man recovering in a hospital

Lung Removal Surgery [NEW!]

Ron Thompson was diagnosed with cancer and underwent lung removal surgery. An Alen BreatheSmart helps him recover in Indiana.


asthmatic boy with inhaler

Asthma and Allergies

Kim Conrad and her young son find allergy and asthma relief with the Alen A350 in Massachusetts.

woman suffering from winter allergies

Seasonal Allergies

After moving Katie

Rodriguez from Allentown, Pennsylvania found that the increased dust level and seasonal pollen had her sneezing. An Allerair air purifier helped to return her life to normal.

woman with scrapbooking supply business

Trouble Sleeping with Allergies

Melinda Howard of Little Rock, Arkansas combats allergy and dust problems in her home-based business.

business man at office


An Austin Air Healthmate Junior Plus helps with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Alexandria, Kentucky.

Pet Allergies

father and son with dog

Pet & Pollen Allergies

The Blueair 203 air purifier with combined HEPA and electrostatic technology helps Raymond Samuels of Bayside, California breathe easier.

girl kissing parrot

Pet Allergies

The Resier family of Glendale, Arizona loves their pets and the Blueair 503 that relieves their allergy symtoms.

girl with grandfather and dog

Dog & Cat Allergies

Jessica Sanders from Baton Rouge, Louisiana purchases a 5000 Exec to help with childhood allergies to dogs and cats.

boy with dog

Dog Allergies

The Chestnut family of Mystic, Connecticut improves their indoor air quality with an Austin Air Pet Machine.

Kids and Family

father and son

Childhood Allergies

A Blueair air purifier helps a family in Macon, Georgia whose allergic son is affected by his father’s cigarette smoke.

little girl on bed

Childhood Asthma

An Austin Air Healthmate Junior air purifier in Columbia, Missouri solves a problem with asthma.

child and daycare worker drawing

Daycare Air Quality

An Allerair air purifier with UV technology addresses allergy and germ issues at a daycare in Velva, North Dakota.

Residential Uses

new house

Household Chemicals

A professional athlete in Los Angeles, California prevents illness and maintains clean indoor air quality with an AllerAir air purifier.

family unpacking moving boxes

New Home Chemicals

The Clark family of Park Falls, Wisconsin moves into a new home where chemicals from the carpet, paint, and cabinetry make for a bad combination.

two elderly women playing dominos

Nursing Home

A UV-enabled air purifier reduces allergens and microorganisms in a Fayetteville, North Carolina nursing home.

Commercial Uses

nail salon worker

Nail Salon

A nail salon owner in the pacific northwest is able to reduce complains by using air purifiers to dramatically reduce the chemicals in the air.


health club manager

Health Club

Robert Hall, the manager of a health club in Provo, Utah, finds his air quality solution in an AllerAir air purifier with UV filtration.

chef and restaurant owner

Restaurant Odors and Chemicals

An Austin Air Healthmate cleans up the air quality in a downtown Dallas restaurant and bar.

bar owner behind bar

Bar Air Quality

A bar owner in Boulder, Colorado invests in an AllerAir 5000 Vocarb to alleviate secondhand smoke problems.

shipping plant manager

Shipping Dust

Mr. Richardson of Omaha, Nebraska owns a dusty shipping facility that requires an air purifier solution.

chemical warehouse

Chemical Fumes

Air quality issues in a small warehouse operation owned by William Short of Ashland, Nebraska are improved by the Blueair 603.