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Ozone Air Purifier Guide

When you hear the word ozone, you probably think of the layer in the sky above us that helps filter out ultraviolet radiation from the sun. But it is also a molecule used in some air purifiers because it effectively reacts with and eliminates strong odors and airborne chemicals. It can naturally turn a bad smell into a good one.

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Does UV Light Kill Viruses?

You may have noticed that UV lights typically include an air purifier that cleans the air in your home or business. They are also known as sterilization lamps, and they claim to destroy 99.9% of viruses. Are UV light air purifiers successful at protecting you and your family from COVID-19 and other viruses, and should you get an air purifier with this feature? This guide will help you understand UV light’s function and how you can benefit from this sanitization solution.

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Do Air Quality Monitors Work? 5 Tips to Find the Right One

Air Purifiers have become so popular recently because of all the studies done on the toxic levels in our air at home. Even though there is an increased popularity in air purifiers, many people forget to look at the problem first hand. Air quality monitors are new gadgets that allow the person using them to measure the quality of air inside their homes. The need for this is necessary now that wildfires are raging and the general quality of the air we breathe every day has gone down drastically.

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