(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

Since indoor air is enclosed and circulates around the same room, it can be very harmful for people to breathe if contaminated. Contaminated air is trapped inside, and the air has no way to escape or be cleaned. Although a large indoor area may seem to have safer air than a smaller area, that is not always the case.

Air Purifier Helps Address Health Clubs Issues

Sizing air purifiers to the appropriate square footage is critical. Although a large space gives the air more room and time to circulate, if the air is contaminated in the large space, it is just as dangerous as a small room of contaminated indoor air. Many public places and businesses deal with issues of contaminated air. Some of these places of business are large rooms, which may be hard to keep clean. Not many air purifiers are able to handle such large spaces and keep the indoor air clean. However, Allerair’s 6000 Exec UV is a model of air purifier that is especially able to handle large indoor spaces.

Robert Hall, the manager of a health club in Provo, Utah was in need of an air quality solution. The club that he manages is equipped with a large Olympic-sized indoor pool. The pool itself is kept spotlessly clean and is often busy with swimmers from local high school teams and private swimming lessons. In addition to the swimmers, the indoor area is often full of spectators. The parents and coaches of the swimmers often sit on the bleachers near the indoor pool to watch the swimmers perform. Although the pool may seem clean, the spectators often observe that the air quality within the indoor pool area is not very clean. The pool often splashes water onto the walls of the building, causing mold to grow. The mold spores have contaminated the indoor air, and the mold in the air has caused the air to smell stale. Some spectators have complained of headaches or nausea after spending time by the pool. The mold inside the indoor pool space was circulating over and over, causing spectators to inhale more contaminants. After hearing the feedback and experiencing the stale air firsthand, Mr. Hall knew he had to find a solution to make the air by the pool safe for spectators and swimmers to breathe.

Mr. Hall shopped for air purifiers and chose to purchase the AllerAir because of its ability to handle a large room. AllerAir 6000 air purifiers can clean rooms up to 1800 square feet in size, so the indoor pool room would be no challenge for the unit to handle. This model of air purifier is also equipped with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp. The lamp is very effective at helping the unit to remove bacteria and germs that are present in the air. These air purifiers are also able to absorb any particles and contaminants in the indoor air. The 6000 easily eliminates mold spores from the air, because it is able to remove mycotoxins with the ultraviolet lamp. Mycotoxins are what can cause people to experience side effects of air that is contaminated with mold. These air purifiers are equipped with many different filters and compounds in order to remove bacteria, viruses, mold, particles, and chemicals from the air. The ideal and comprehensive solution is to eliminate the source of the pollution and to utilize air purifiers.

Once Mr. Hall ran the 6000 Exec UV in the pool room, he immediately noticed a change in the air. The air no longer smells of musty mold and chlorine; instead it now smells fresh and clean. Spectators no longer complain of side effects from breathing contaminated air. They frequently compliment Mr. Hall on the cleanliness of the pool air. They are now happy to watch the swimmers since their environment smells healthy and clean. Mr. Hall is able to run the unit in the pool area through the night in order to assure there will be clean air present in the morning. The mold spores that are present in the air from water damage are no longer a health risk to anyone in the pool room. 6000 Exec UV air purifiers quickly eliminate mold spores. By investing in the air purifier, Mr. Hall has made the indoor pool an even safer and healthier place for people to spend their time. Air purifiers and effective UV technology is proven to improve the quality of indoor air.